Sterling Silver Tag Earrings in Unique Styles

A pair of sterling silver tag earrings
Drilled Tag Earrings

If you are looking for a new pair of earrings, how about considering a pair of sterling silver tag earrings for style and charm?

Types of Sterling Silver Tags

Sterling silver tag earrings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The common feature of a pair of tag earrings is the fact that a piece of sterling silver hangs from an ear wire or ear pin. The tag can be any shape or size, from tiny little squares that give a discrete glimmer, to large dangling tags that are smaller versions of dog tag jewelry that are so popular. Other shapes include:


Heart tags are extremely attractive and their distinctive shape are ideal for earrings. Heart tags are suitable for every day as well as more formal wear and work well in a variety of materials including silver.


Disc tags are small circles of silver. The flat disc shape catches and reflects the light which makes this type of earring suitable for people with short as well as long hair. The discs can either be fastened to ear wires or ear pins through a hole drilled in the disc, or through a loop that has been attached to the top.


Oblong tags are an extremely attractive choice. This shape is versatile meaning that oblong tags can be found either as short blocks hanging close to the ear, or longer dangling tags that look glamorous and can easily be dressed up. The long oblong tag can also be engraved, perhaps with couple of special words or initials. They also look great set with one or two discrete gemstones.

About Silver

Silver has a long connection with jewelry. Silver was a popular choice with many ancient civilizations and items of silver jewelry feature in many important collections throughout the world. The attraction of silver is its beautiful white color that is hard wearing and relatively easy for jewelers to work with. Unlike high Karat golds, silver will stand up well to knocks and hard wear, meaning that it is a good choice for every day wear.

Sterling Silver

Most silver jewelry is made from sterling silver. Sterling silver is pure or fine silver that has been mixed with a little copper to give it strength. The amount of copper in sterling silver is 7.5% therefore sterling silver is often marked as 92.5%, indicating the proportion of silver that it contains. Sterling silver does tarnish over time. This isn't an indication of inferior quality, simply a matter of the small amount of copper oxidizing in the air.

Wearing Tag Earrings

Silver works well with most other metals and can be dressed up or down as required. A pair of silver tag earrings will look great teamed with gemstone necklaces worn with jeans and a t-shirt or combined with a classic pearl necklace for more formal dress.

Buying Sterling Silver Tag Earrings

Sterling silver tag earrings can be found at many jewelry stores. High-end jewelry stores are likely to have a range that they can show you. This can be a good way to actually see and feel what the earrings look like first hand before buying. Many online stores also offer a good range, and online shopping is a great way to browse and shop from your armchair!

Where to Buy

Some online stores that are useful to look at include:

  • - Etsy is a very special market place for the jewelry shopper. All the products that are sold on Etsy have been hand made. Therefore the range includes many unique or one of a kind pieces. In addition to the ranges shown, sellers will often be happy to take commissions or create one of a kind and customized items of jewelry including tag earrings.
  • - Ebay is the largest online auction site and a massive range of products can be found there. Many sellers offer a range of new jewelry and this can be a good place to browse or shop. The feedback facility on Ebay is useful and it is a good way to read more about the seller and establish their credentials before parting with your hard earned money.
  • - Amazon offer a range of silver earrings and most products are sold at extremely competitive prices.

Tips for Buying Silver Tag Earrings

  • Check the price of postage as this can add to the final price
  • Ensure that the earrings are hallmarked or stamped. This gives you the reassurance that the earrings are silver and not a base metal that might cause allergies.
  • Read customer feedback. Many online retailers allow customers to comment on their buying experience and this can help avoid disappointment.
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