Sterling Silver Rings for Men: Styles He’ll Love

Silver is a good choice for men's rings.

Sterling silver rings for men are available in a wide range of styles. There is bound to be a ring to meet every taste.

Sterling silver is sometimes overlooked when choosing jewelry. Its low cost sometimes gives people the impression that it is inferior to other metals. This is far from reality, however, with silver offering many qualities making it an ideal choice for jewelry for men. The steely color, combined with its hard-wearing qualities make this a practical, as well as an attractive, metal and it is especially suited to rings of all types.

What is Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is very soft and is known as 'fine silver'. This is most often used by wire jewelry artists who like working with the malleable wire. Fine silver is impractical for normal jewelry, however, as it will easily knock out of shape and dent. Sterling silver is an alloy of fine silver and other metals, which retains all the positive features of silver, but with added strength. Sterling silver is also referred to as 92.5 as it is 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.25 percent other metals.

About Sterling Silver Rings

Wear and Care

Unlike the softer metal gold, silver does not wear down so quickly and is more robust. This means rings made from silver are able to take the odd knock as well as hard wear and tear without damage. Silver is easy to look after and rings that are worn every day will not tarnish. The surface will remain bright although any engraved sections will gain a dark patina over time. This adds to the appeal of the jewelry and emphasizes the design.

Satin Finish Rings

Sterling silver will lose its shiny highly polished look after time and will take on a more satin look. Many men prefer this and rings can be bought with a satin finish rather than a high shine.


Another great feature of sterling silver rings for men is the price. Silver is significantly less than gold and a fraction of the price of platinum. This relatively low price means that large rings can be chosen without fear of breaking the bank. To find a gold ring within the same budget range the ring may be gold-plated or even hollow, both of which mean that the ring would be nowhere near as practical as a solid silver ring.

Custom Rings

The relatively low price also means that many independent artisan jewelers use silver to work with and a wide range of unique and custom rings can be found. Artisan jewelers are often happy to take commissions and to design rings for customers, and as such silver presents an ideal metal for them to work with. Many larger jewelry stores and chains will also offer a wide range of silver jewelry styles and types, and shopping around is bound to present many options.

Different Types of Sterling Silver Rings for Men

There are many different types of ring appropriate for men. These include the following:

Gemstone Set Rings

Silver works well with a variety of gemstones. Stones such as black onyx, hematite and dark jade all look fantastic against the backdrop of silver and offer a great combination for someone looking for a masculine ring.

Thumb Rings

Thumb rings are typically chunky rings worn on the thumb. These are exceptionally suited to silver, as these are more inclined to get knocked during wear. Thumb rings are available in different shapes and styles, although plain rings are best and unlikely to get caught in fabric.

Spinning Rings

Spinning rings are popular and look great in silver as the inner part takes on a deep patina emphasizing the structure of the ring. A spinning ring is in fact two rings, one sits inside the other which gives the ring its movement.

Where to Buy Sterling Silver Rings for Men

Silver jewelry can be bought from both traditional jewelry stores and online. Some interesting jewelry can be found at the following online stores:

Sterling silver jewelry, rings in particular, are a great way to express individuality. A striking silver ring is bound to be a talking point for years to come.

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Sterling Silver Rings for Men: Styles He’ll Love