DIY Starburst Wrapper Necklaces for a Sweet Style

Starburst wrapper necklace

For many people, a Starburst wrapper necklace brings back nostalgic memories from decades past. For others, these trendy paper necklaces are a hip new look with a retro touch. Candy wrapper necklaces are inexpensive fashion accessories that are simple to make and fun to wear.

The Starburst Wrapper Necklace

There are two distinctly different necklace styles made of Starburst wrappers. The difference is in the fold of the wrappers. The more common, and most popular style, consists of wrappers folded into long rectangles and interlocked to form the basic wrapper chain. The other style necklace is made of wrappers folded into small squares and threaded together.

How to Make an Interlocked Starburst Candy Wrapper Necklace

The number of Starburst wrappers needed depends on the length of the necklace you are making. A good guide for the number of wrappers needed is allowing seven wrappers per two inch section of Starburst chain. For example if you want a 16-inch wrapper necklace chain, you need approximately 56 Starburst candy wrappers. Connect the ends using a safety pin or two jump rings and a jewelry clasp. The same instructions work for a Starburst wrapper chain, bracelet or belt.

The Fold

  1. Take a Starburst wrapper and place it on a table lengthwise with the inside of the wrapper facing up.
  2. Fold the wrapper in half top to bottom, making a long rectangle.
  3. Fold it the same way twice more resulting in a long narrow rectangle.
  4. Fold the long rectangle in half and unfold just that one fold. You want that fold as a center crease guideline.
  5. Fold each end down to the center crease.
  6. Fold the paper in half, resulting in a small V shape.
  7. Repeat the steps with as many Starburst wrappers you need for your necklace.

The Interlocking

  1. Hold two wrapper V's and insert the ends of one V into the open ends of the other.
  2. Repeat using a third V inserting it into the two open ends of the second V.
  3. Continue the process until you have the desired length of Starburst wrapper chain.

Additional Resources

  • An excellent tutorial with pictures in provided by Cat Morley on Cut Out and Keep.
  • A video tutorial is provided on You Tube

How to Make a Starburst or Candy Wrapper Necklace

This style necklace is made by folding the Starburst wrappers into small tight squares approximately 1/4 inch in size. They resemble small colored square beads once they are folded. An average length necklace requires approximately 110-130 Starburst wrappers. You also need the following:

  • Jewelry wire or heavy thread
  • Needle
  • Necklace clasps or a jump ring and a necklace clasp
  • Scissors


  1. Fold the Starburst wrappers into the tiny square.
  2. Measure your neck the way you want the necklace to fit.
  3. Cut the wire or thread to that length adding several inches in length.
  4. Thread the needle using the wire or heavy thread.
  5. Insert the needle through the center of each wrapper making a long chain.
  6. Tie the ends of the thread onto the jewelry findings.

To view this style candy wrapper necklace visit Craft Bits.

Make a Matching Candy Wrapper Bracelet

Once you've used your origami skills to make a necklace, craft a simple Starburst candy wrapper bracelet for a matching set. This is a fun project for a party!

Save Those Wrappers!

Making a Starburst wrapper necklace is a great way to recycle candy wrappers while making a fashion accessory that is colorful, unique and fun. Save your wrappers after enjoying your candies to ensure that you'll have enough for this project.

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