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Diamond Necklace Images With Beautiful Designs

Kate Miller-Wilson

Beauty of a Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklace images can help you see the versatility of sparkling diamonds. Diamond necklaces are fabulous for everything from weddings to other types of formal events, and you can even rock them for everyday wear.

Black Pearls and Diamonds

Diamonds are a stunning contrast to black pearls. Add some delicate diamonds to a simple black pearl pendant to bring sparkle and brightness to this luminous design.

Timeless Diamond Choker

A diamond choker oozes elegance, and it's a timeless design that will look just as stylish in 40 years as it does today. A choker goes well with almost any neckline, and it flatters just about every face shape too.

Delicate Diamond Bridal Necklace

Say "I do" in a delicate diamond necklace. This design, which features tiny diamonds and seed pearls, would look beautiful at a beach wedding or other outdoor event. Its fine details and simple beauty would compliment any dress.

Necklaces With Diamonds and Emerald

Green stones with fiery diamonds are an unexpected combination, and diamond accents are a great way to bring out the beauty of emeralds in a necklace. This type of design works well for formal events and adds a pop of color and plenty of sparkle to a simple black gown.

Antique Diamond Necklace

If you love antique jewelry, you'll have many diamond necklace options to choose from. These gorgeous gems were the highlight of many Art Deco pieces, such as this lovely Y necklace. It's a great choice if you like sparkle but don't want anything too ostentatious.

Diamond Solitaire Simplicity

If you want a diamond necklace that works just as well with jeans as with an evening gown, a simple solitaire design is a great option. You can select the size of the diamond based on your budget and needs. Then choose the chain style and length to suit your lifestyle. It's easy to customize, and it goes with everything.

Modern Diamond Necklace

A modern diamond necklace is a great option if you have contemporary taste but still want some sparkle. Choose geometric shapes like these concentric circles to give your jewelry a modern, sophisticated feel.

Diamond Accents

Use diamonds as accents for other brightly colored stones. Whether you choose to feature the diamonds or use them as accent stones on a pendant of another type, the sparkling stones are sure to catch the eye of several admirers and make you feel just a bit more exciting when you wear them.

Men's Diamond Necklace Options

Men need a little bling too! Select something super simple or choose a symbolic diamond necklace to represent what you value in life. Chunky options are more masculine and make a strong style statement.

Linked Diamond Halos

Diamond halos add more sparkle for less money, since they are visually powerful. Using linked halos, with or without larger center gems, can give your necklace incredible beauty and head-turning potential.

Delicate Diamond Drops

A drop necklace offers lots of delicate movement and sparkle, and it makes a beautiful choice for bridal jewelry. If the drop is small, you can also wear this style with casual outfits for a little luxury.

Three-Stone Designs

A three-stone diamond pendant necklace makes a wonderful anniversary gift or wedding present. The three diamonds can symbolize the past, present, and future of your relationship. You can wear this style with casual clothing or for an evening out.

Custom Diamond Necklace Designs

If you want a unique diamond necklace design, work with a jeweler to create a custom piece. You can mix metals, such as this white and yellow gold example, to create something that will match your existing jewelry while being a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Give a Diamond Necklace as a Gift

A beautiful diamond necklace makes an incredible gift for an anniversary, birthday, or other important event. Take some time to look at the gorgeous designs out there and choose the one that's perfect for that special someone.

Kate Miller-Wilson
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Diamond Necklace Images With Beautiful Designs