Charm Bracelet and Necklace Pictures

Bracelet and Necklace charms

Charm bracelets and necklaces are a lovely way to show your individuality while also holding special memories. There are a wide range of charm bracelet and necklace types, ranging from the very contemporary styles through to traditional favorites.

Pictured: Glass beads make lovely charms and bring a touch of color to an outfit.

Ceramic Charms

Charms can be created from many different types of material, as these beautiful ceramic charms show.

Gold Horseshoe Charm

The horseshoe is perhaps one of the most well known charms and signifies good luck.

Loose Charms

Charms can be attached to bracelets and necklaces to give added flare.

Jade Charms

Jade charms make lovely pendant necklaces and are available in many shapes and styles.

Bead Charm Bracelet

Beads and metal charms make a charm bracelet with a difference!

Metal Charm Bracelet

Charms that are hand forged from metal will give a gentle jangle when they are worn.

Charm Necklace

Charm necklaces are packed with style and will be bound to draw attention.

Interchangeable Bead Charms

Interchangeable beads are a contemporary take on traditional charm jewelry.

Wearing Rings as Charms

Wear rings or other jewelry as charms for special style.

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Charm Bracelet and Necklace Pictures