80s Jewelry Pictures That Bring Retro Back

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Retro jewelry has never been hotter, and any gallery of 80s jewelry pictures will highlight the most popular styles of jewelry from the 1980s that are still fresh, exciting styles today.

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Bright Bangles

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Bold, plastic bangles are a classic 80s look suitable for any casual, fun outfit. Bright colors and scalloped or wavy edges are typical designs, along with natural textured bangles.

Fashion Rings

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Fun fashion rings and costume jewelry were popular in the 1980s. The more outrageous the ring design, with bold, bright colors, the more reminiscent it is of the 1980s.

Natural Necklaces

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Earth tones and natural materials were big in 1980s fashion. Woods, stones, tumbled crystals, and shells were especially popular in chunky necklaces and thick bracelets.

Disc Earrings

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Large, disc earrings are a classic 80s jewelry style. Large discs coordinated with the thick necklaces, large buttons, and belts of the era, whether they were made from shells, metals, stones, or wood.


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Brooches are a lovely vintage style that was popular in the 1980s. Bold or contrasting colors and common motifs included thick designs and paisley shapes. They were often used not just to accentuate the neckline but also to fasten scarves or belts.

Big Earrings

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Jewelry in the 1980s was larger than life, and big earrings were a necessity for any stylish look. Geometric shapes and thick, bold designs are the best choices to mimic this retro look.

Charm Bracelets

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A charm bracelet is a stylish piece that can reflect any decade. While charm bracelets were popular in the 1980s, unique charms can be added to the bracelet to reflect not only retro flair, but also the hottest styles of today.

Fluorescent Colors

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Bright fluorescent colors were fabulously fashionable in the 1980s. Pink, yellow, blue, green, and orange "hot" shades were frequently used in cuff bracelets, bangles, vinyl bracelets, earrings, and plastic rings.

Retro Inspiration

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If you can't find vintage jewelry that reflects the 80s style, you can find retro-inspired pieces that celebrate the icons of the 1980s, such as video games, the first personal computers, jazzercize, and more.

Heavy Pendants

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All types of chunky, thick jewelry were popular in the 1980s. A heavy circular pendant with diamond accents is a modern take on this 80s jewelry trend.

Stretch Bracelets

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Expandable elastic bracelets were an easy, fun 80s fashion. Layered bracelets with beads, crystals, shells, or stones were especially popular.

Retro Themes

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It may be hard to find exact replicas of 80s jewelry, but simple charms or themed jewelry, like a cassette tape or other 'relic' can pay a fun tribute to the icons of the 1980s.

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80s Jewelry Pictures That Bring Retro Back