17 Unique Earrings Pictures That Let You Be You

Unique Jewelry for a Unique You


Looking at unique earrings pictures will show you that not only are there many different sizes, shapes, and styles for earrings, but there are also many ways that fun, unusual earrings can reflect your personal style in new and creative ways.

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Iridescent Crystal Earrings

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Earrings with pastel crystals in bold, geometric shapes can add glamor and interest to any outfit.

Pearl Cap Earrings

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Pearl earrings are always popular, whether they're real or simulated. The caps set with cubic zirconias on this set add extra sparkle to the jewelry.

Bold Colors

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Choose bold color contrasts for unique earrings. One neutral shade such as black, silver, or white can be paired with a rainbow of options to match any personality and style. If you know how to make simple crystal earrings, you can choose from a range of bead styles and shapes to make your own unique earrings.

Creative Designs

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Adding a gemstone to a creative design can instantly make an earring unusual. Amber is a popular choice for natural designs such as suns or flames, while mother of pearl or aquamarine is popular for waves, dolphins, or aquatic shapes.

Dangle Clusters

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Black pearls are not unusual by themselves, but when dangled in a cluster they give the impression of a bunch of grapes or similar creative designs. Pink and white pearls can also be found in cluster designs.

Filigree Earrings

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Instead of a simple gemstone stud, opt for a more unique and elaborate design. Fans, chandeliers, and vintage earring styles are all outstanding choices.

Shaped Hoops

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Plain hoop earrings are versatile, but they don't need to be round. Hearts, stars, ovals, and diamonds are other options, but they can be difficult to get into the ear and are not usually recommended for individuals with sensitive earlobes.

Mystic Topaz Earrings

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Even a classic earring design can be more unique if an unusual gem is used. The iridescent sparkle of mystic topaz is eye-catching and beautiful. Other options include turquoise, fancy colored diamonds, jade, or tiger's eye gems.

Enamel Studs

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Simple stud earrings are an essential part of any jewelry collection, but they don't need to be predictable. Enamel studs are sturdy and can be designed in different shapes and patterns, including flowers, butterflies, stars, and other popular images.

Carved Earrings

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Very thick earrings that are carved on the edges are distinctive and unique no matter what angle they are viewed from. Milgrain edges, Celtic patterns, and halo gems are popular options to add depth and dimension to larger earrings.

Fossil Earrings

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Fossils are an unusual choice for earrings, but they can be lovely options for a unique wardrobe. Fossilized coral, sharks' teeth, and petrified wood are interesting choices that work well with gold or copper earrings.

Rustic Cross

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Crosses are popular earrings, particularly as stud designs. Instead of a plain cross, however, choose a more unusual design such as gothic or rustic crosses, gemstones, Celtic crosses, thorns, or engraved crosses on plain earrings.

Inlaid Figural Earrings

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Figural earrings such as animals, flowers, and symbols are popular designs, and they can even more unique with inlaid gems such as mother of pearl or opal. Contrasting metals, engraving, and textured surfaces are other ways to make these designs unique.

Unique Metals

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While most earrings are made from gold, sterling silver, surgical steel, stainless steel, or platinum, choosing more unique metals can be a beautiful option, especially if several metals are used. Rose gold, sage gold, copper, bronze, and tungsten earrings are all available.

Message Earrings


Earrings with a special message, like these "Loved" message earrings with hand-glittered detail by Beth Quinn Designs, offer unique style. Message earrings also make an excellent and out-of-the ordinary gift idea.

Get Fruity

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Even an ordinary object such as a strawberry can be more unique with a creative earring design. Many artisans design and create lovely earrings by adding unusual twists to the style, and there is no limit to how unique your earrings can be.

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