7 Pendant Necklace Pictures to Inspire Your Style

Choosing Pendants


Pendants are a very traditional form of jewelry. This elegant style of jewelry is worn round the neck and is suitable for all occasions. Whether you are looking for one of a kind designer jewelry, a high class pendant created from gold and set with precious diamonds or perhaps something with timeless style, there is bound to be a type of pendant to suit!

Pictured: Abalone makes an attractive pendant. This looks wonderful when teamed with other natural jewelry such as the gemstone beads in this photograph.

Bold Pendant


Make a statement with a bold gemstone set pendant! Custom jewelry like this makes a lovely choice for someone looking for something a little different.

Coin Pendant


This is a coin pendant with a difference. A gemstone has been set into the top of the pendant for addition style.

Delicate Gold Necklace


Delicate gold pendants look superb when teamed with a gold chain. This makes for a necklace with timeless style.

Glass Pendant


Hand formed glass beads make stunning feature pendants. The mix of colors and types of glass creates a highly unusual pendant.

His and Her pendants


His and her pendants are perfect way for a couple to show their love for each other.

Matching Pendant and Beads


A pendant can look stunning when matched with beads. This makes a bold statement and is ideal for both casual and formal wear.

Unique Pendant


A mix of unique styling and unusual materials make this a stunning unique gemstone necklace

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7 Pendant Necklace Pictures to Inspire Your Style