Silver & Turquoise Horse Jewelry for Equestrian Lovers

Silver horse jewelry pendant

Silver and turquoise horse jewelry makes a great gift for the horse enthusiast in your life, or it can be a well-earned splurge for yourself.

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Horse Jewelry

Equestrian lovers are a breed all their own. Caring for horses is hard but rewarding work. After a tough day at the stables or riding in the hot sun, slipping on a great dress with some beautiful jewelry may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Consider these horse jewelry options for a night on the town.

  • Earrings - Dangle earrings lend a sparkle and pizzazz to almost any outfit. Why not make your look extra special with a sterling silver horse dangle and some sky blue turquoise beads? If you prefer studs, consider sterling silver stallion head settings with turquoise insets for a classic look.
  • Bracelets - There are so many great silver and turquoise jewelry combinations on the market today. If you already have a bracelet you love, consider purchasing a sterling silver horse charm to attach to the clasp. Turquoise nugget or bead bracelets with silver clasps are great choices for the stylish horse lover. There are a variety of embellishments, from horse head charms to dangly miniature horse shoes, that can take a beautiful bracelet up a notch to a truly beloved keepsake. Bracelets make an especially good choice for birthdays or Mother's Day.
  • Necklaces - Need something to pair with that black cocktail dress? Try a sophisticated combination of turquoise and silver with a stunning horse pendant. A necklace that expresses your love for your horse can be more than just a piece of jewelry. It becomes a precious keepsake and a conversation piece. For an understated look, consider a silver chain with a silver and turquoise pendant. You can also use the same chain for a variety of pendants, making it a really versatile option.
  • Brooches - A brooch is perhaps the perfect gift for the horseback rider, because it can be worn on a jacket while riding or in some cases, even while competing. For young riders, this can be just the motivation they need to keep climbing on a troublesome horse. A beautiful sterling and gemstone broach can also show friends and judges just how much you really love the sport.

Casual Wear

Horse ring at
Silver and Turquoise Horse Ring

Jewelry doesn't have to be restricted to dressy occasions. You can wear many types of horse-inspired jewelry even while your are working with your favorite animal.

  • Leather bracelets and necklaces are durable and handsome. Look for leather band bracelets with silver and turquoise accents.
  • You can't get any closer to the animals you love than with a horsehair bracelet or barrette. These beautiful woven accessories can be adorned with sterling silver or gemstones and make a unique, sturdy gift that will last for years.
  • Small stud earrings that sit close to the ears can be worn in almost any situation.

Horse Jewelry for Men

Women aren't the only ones who want to show off their love for horses. The masculine horse lover in your life will also enjoy a beautiful equine jewelry piece that he can carry with him or wear for years to come.

  • Money Clips - A money clip allows a man to be stylish and organized at the same time. These clips come in many different colors, including silver, and can be adorned with gemstones. It's common to have a money clip engraved with a picture, such as a horse or stallion, and even a name or special date.
  • Men's Bracelets - Bracelets aren't only for women. In fact, there are tons of bracelet options for men. They run the gamut from thick silver bands to leather and horse hairbands. Much like money clips, silver ID bracelets make a great gift, because of their potential for customization.

Where to Buy

You can purchase silver and turquoise jewelry with a horse theme at select western retailers and specialty jewelry stores, including:

Let Your Jewelry Show Your Love

Silver and turquoise horse jewelry is a beautiful and eye-catching way to show off your favorite sport or just express your love for horses. It's a versatile and unique look that can translate from day to night wear. When you find the right piece, you will be the envy of all your equine-loving friends.

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Silver & Turquoise Horse Jewelry for Equestrian Lovers