Silver Charm Bracelet Types & Care Tips

Silver charms make lovely bracelets

One lovely way of combining memories with attractive jewelry is wearing one of the charm bracelets that are so popular.

About Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are an extremely versatile piece of jewelry. They are formed by attaching individual charms to a bracelet. Traditionally the charms have hung from the bracelet links, however, there are many new and innovative ways of wearing charms. One of the delights of charm bracelets is that every charm can be purchased separately and this means that completely customized pieces of jewelry are formed. What makes charm jewelry particularly special, however, is the fact that each charm represents something special. A charm might represent a birthday, wedding, special vacation, birthstone, favorite pet and much more! This gives an almost endless range of combination of charms. Charms are created from many materials. Silver remains a popular choice and silver charm bracelets are both stylish and hard wearing.

Types of Silver Charm Bracelets

There are many different types of silver charm bracelet. These range from traditional silver hanging charms through to contemporary bead charms. The type of style of charm bracelet is a highly personal choice and each style has some unique features.

Traditional Charm Bracelets

Traditional charms fit onto a bracelet that is formed from links. Each charm is fitted using a split ring or a jump ring. These are sturdy fittings that are designed to hold the silver charm in place safely. These rings are simple to use which means that anyone can fit them and no specialist jewelers equipment is required. The silver charms dangle from the bracelet and when several are fitted, a lovely bold piece of jewelry is formed.

Silver Bead Charm Bracelets

There are some interesting alternatives to the traditional charm bracelet and one that is growing in popularity is the combining of silver bead charms on a chain to make a unique bracelet. These are a contemporary take on traditional silver charm bracelets and are a great choice for someone looking for something a little different. Each silver bead charm is decorated or shaped in ways that give a meaning to the bead. Some beads are set with gemstones such as birthstones and this can be a lovely way to mark special birthdays. There are different manufacturers who make these new-generation charm bracelets and names to look for include Pandora Beads and Troll Beads.

Silver Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian charms are very different to the traditional style of charm. These lovely little charms started gaining popularity in Italy and soon spread into Europe and the rest of the world. The charms clip onto an expandable bracelet. The charms are typically formed from stainless steel, however they are decorated with other materials such as silver. These are an unusual alternative to the more normal charm bracelet concept.

Looking After Silver Charms

Sterling silver is a popular metal and is used in many items of jewelry. Sterling silver is both hard wearing and attractive which is a powerful combination. One feature of silver, however, is the fact that it tarnishes and this has a particular relevance to silver charms. Silver tarnishes when it is left exposed to air for a long time. When silver is worn, the constant movement and the fact that it rubs against skin or clothes stops the silver from tarnishing.

Parts of the silver that are recessed will get tarnished, however, as there is nothing to rub this away during normal wear. This gives the recessed part of a charm, for instance, a dark patina which adds depth and style to the design and gives it a feeling of age. Many jewelry designers actually oxidize their jewelry specially to make the most of this feature.

There are a few key tips that will help to keep silver charm bracelets in tip top condition.

  • Silver charms should be cleaned gently with a cleaning cloth or washed in hot soapy water and then rinsed well. This will remove any surface dirt and grime which will stop the silver from shining.
  • The bracelet should be checked regularly to ensure that the charms are safely fitted and that there is no sign of wear and tear.
  • Safety chains are a good way to help to protect a silver charm bracelet against loss. Most jewelers will be willing to fit one for just a few dollars.

A silver charm bracelet is an ideal way to combine memories and style.

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Silver Charm Bracelet Types & Care Tips