4 Sexy Jewelry Styles to Accentuate Your Features

Sexy Earrings
Sexy Earrings

What is considered sexy jewelry depends on the different perceptions of attractiveness. There are, however, a number of jewelry items that are commonly considered appealing or alluring.

Allure and Appeal

Jewelry differs from clothing and apparel in that it shows off subtler attributes that are not always first and foremost considered in attractiveness. While tailored skirts and fitted blouses may accentuate your shapely legs or slender waist, jewelry can bring attention to typically less-noticed assets such as a lovely neckline or slender fingers.

Part of what makes sexy jewelry alluring and appealing is the way in which it's worn. Choose jewelry that you love, and you'll wear it with confidence -- you will simply be alluring and appealing because that's how you feel in that luscious strand of Tahitian pearls or classy Chanel earrings.

Jewelry also adds to an ensemble by adding more interest and intrigue -- it can play up your good features and draw attention away from your less-desirable ones. Paired with a simple pantsuit, for example, a dramatic, chunky necklace can draw attention to your eyes and away from your waistline. Choose to accentuate your best features with jewelry and it will instantly up the appeal factor of your look.

Sexy Jewelry

Although any jewelry that makes you look and feel good can qualify as "sexy," there are some pieces that are typically thought of as sexy jewelry.

The Necklace

Sexy Navel Rings

Perhaps because the neck is an erogenous zone for both men and women, necklaces are almost always considered sexy jewelry. The effect can be very different - short, beaded necklaces can showcase an appealing sense of strength, while delicate wrap necklaces can evoke a woman's delicate femininity.For women, the following necklaces are often considered alluring:

  • Chokers
  • Collar-length beaded or pearl necklaces
  • Mid-chest pendants on chains
  • Long pendant necklaces nearing a woman's cleavage

Gold chains on men are typically found sexy by most women.


Earrings are another accessory often considered sexy jewelry. The ears evoke a sense of intimacy. Studs, drop earrings, dangling earrings, and hoops are all considered highly appealing.

Anklets and Barefoot Sandals

Although bracelets can be considered sexy, it's usually the bracelet's cousin -- the anklet -- that ranks higher when it comes to sex appeal. Anklets are especially appropriate during the warmer months, worn with sexy shoes, sandals, or even bare feet. They draw the eye to the foot, ankle, and leg. If you have nice ankles, be sure to stock up on a good supply of anklets!

Barefoot sandals are equally sexy. As the name implies, these are best worn with bare feet, making them a perfect boudoir piece. The jewelry attaches around the ankle, and then tapers down the foot to where it attaches as a ring over the second toe.

Belly Chains and Navel Rings

For those with nice figures, belly chains and navel rings are perfect pieces of sexy jewelry to draw attention to a flattering waistline or trim tummy. Belly chains are usually worn slightly below the waist and can be appropriate with a range of attire. Navel rings are extremely popular, and are also available in a huge range of styles.

For More on Sexy Accessories

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4 Sexy Jewelry Styles to Accentuate Your Features