Segmented Bracelet: What Is It?

silver and turquoise segmented bracelet on woman's arm

Segmented bracelets are a beautiful and practical piece of jewelry and look wonderful with a variety of outfits.

Bracelets bring a glamorous touch to both casual and formal outfits. The glimpse of a bracelet at the cuff of a jacket can look absolutely stunning whereas a large bracelet worn with a t-shirt and jeans can also be extremely striking in a very different way. There are many different types of bracelets, ranging from bangles to macramé cuffs, however a very popular bracelet type is the segmented bracelet.

What is a Segmented Bracelet?

Any bracelet that is formed of pieces is segmented. This can range from a bracelet that is formed from numerous small segments that are joined together to a bracelet that is formed from a couple of large segments.

A bracelet that is divided into segments is both attractive and practical. The different segments of a bracelet mean that different designs can be employed, with the units providing additional detail.

The fact that a bracelet is segmented also means that the bracelet has movement and is not rigid like a bangle. This means that even quite chunky bracelets can be worn without them being too heavy or impractical to wear. The segmentation of the bracelet also means that the bracelet is smaller than a bangle, making it easier to combine with jackets and coats.

The segments can be heavily patterned and adorned or simple plain shapes. Many vintage and antique bracelets are formed from heavily adorned segments. Victorian jewelry is a classic example of this style.

Tips for Buying Bracelets

Choosing a bracelet is a very personal thing. There are a few key features that need to be considered to ensure that the perfect item is chosen:


Special Occasions: Bracelets for special occasions can be bigger or more flamboyant than those worn for day to day wear. Extremely dramatic bracelets can look wonderful with a variety of outfits and wearing a bracelet balances the wearing of a wrist watch ´finishing´an outfit.

As a bracelet is worn on the wrist which will rub against different parts of the body it is important to consider is whether parts of the segments will catch on fine fabrics. Sharp edges or even the bracelet clasp might catch on fine woven silks or woolens and therefore should be avoided.formal fine jewelry gold and diamond segmented bracelet

Every Day Wear: Bracelets that are worn every day need to be robust and sturdy. As bracelets are worn on the wrist they are subject to much wear and tear. Bracelets run the risk of getting knocked and scratched, therefore the best style for everyday wear is a bracelet that fits close to the wrist which is why bracelets with segments are an excellent choice.


Bracelets can be made from a wide variety of materials. Each segment of a bracelet can be made from a different material, for instance various types of gemstone, or can be made from a single metal.

Precious metals are an extremely attractive option as they look attractive yet are also relatively hard wearing. Base metals such as copper or alloys are a great fashion item, however they often leave a patina on the skin or on fabrics which can mean that some people find them unattractive to wear for long periods of time. As with any item of jewelry that is worn against the skin, it is important to ensure that the metal does not include nickel which can cause skin reactions.

Looking After Your Bracelet

green segmented bracelet with clasp

As bracelets are subject to hard wear and tear it is important to look after them to ensure years of pleasure without the risk of loss or damage.

  • Regularly check the clasp. Bracelets that are divided into segments will be held together with a clasp. It is important to ensure that the clasp does not become weak or loose as it might pop open during wear. A safety chain will provide added reassurance and any jeweler can add one to a bracelet quickly and easily.
  • Store bracelets wrapped in soft cloths or acid free tissue paper when not in use. This will help to stop the metal from tarnishing.
  • Check the joins between the segments as these can become damaged by knocks.
  • Ensure that the individual segments do not get twisted as this can damage the joins.

Arm Candy

Bracelets are a stunning jewelry accessory and when divided into segments beauty is combined with practicality.

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