Seasonal Whispers Jewelry Designs Made by Hand

Photo of a crystal butterfly brooch

Seasonal Whispers Jewelry is a unique handmade jewelry retail store created by mother-daughter design team Esther Lixenberg and Yafit Goldfarb.

Seasonal Whispers' Signature Crystals and Pearl

Based in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City, the jewelers at Seasonal Whispers are both trained musicians and artists who infuse each of their jewelry pieces with their own one-of-a-kind spirit and artistry. All of their handmade accessories are set with Swarovski crystals or Czechoslovakian pearls.

  • Swarovski crystals - Swarovski crystal is a type of crystal created by Daniel Swarovski, who invented a crystal-cutting machine that revolutionized the industry. Today, Swarovski is the brand name for one of the most popular and beautiful types of crystal, used widely in jewelry like Seasonal Whispers.
  • Czechoslovakian pearls - Known among jewelers as "Czech beads" or "Czech glass," Czechoslovakian pearls are made in the Czech Republic. They are often used in conjunction with crystal beads and metal components to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

The Company's Online Jewelry Catalog

The Seasonal Whispers online catalog shows off their stunning selection of handset jewels, belts, bags, and hair accessories. Here are some of the many items you'll find as part of this jewelry line.

  • Handmade brooches - From a unique jeweled butterfly design to a floral-inspired pin, each broach reflects the style and creativity of the artists.
  • Rings - Whether you consider yourself an urban sophisticate or simply just colorful and stylish, the rings of Seasonal Whispers Jewelry will set your look apart from anyone else in the room. Choose from small, simple styles to large, show-stopping designs.
  • Handcrafted bracelets - Bracelet designs are flexible and can be adorned with a plethora of beads, crystals, and pearls. Seasonal Whispers uses nearly every color of metal and style of beads to create a bracelet to suit any taste.
  • Belts - Those looking for unique, high-style belts will love the very broad selection of belts, including leather belts with ornate crystal buckles, chain-link style metal belts, and more.
  • Necklaces - What would a jewelry store be without necklaces? Seasonal Whispers certainly does not disappoint customers with its beautiful selection of handcrafted pendants and necklaces in a variety of styles, including several handset crystal cross necklaces.
  • Handbags - If you're looking for accessories for a night out on the town or perhaps for a wedding, consider a Seasonal Whispers purse to match your necklace or earrings.
  • New collections - The company is now designing one-of-a-kind reversible jewelry pieces. Wear one side for a formal occasion and the other side for a fun night at the club.

Jewelry for Special Occasions

Seasonal Whispers offers truly high-design pieces. Some pieces are more casual and could be worn daily for work or school. Other items offer the glitz and glamour you need for the most special occasions of your life, such as business dinners, school formals, and weddings.

Media Attention

Jewelry by Seasonal Whispers has been worn by the cast of Gossip Girl and featured in the following magazines and publications:

  • Parade
  • Bridal Guide
  • Accessories
  • California Style
  • Essence
  • Spiegal
  • Teen
  • Teen People

Visit Seasonal Whispers' Stores

There are two retail locations in New York: 71 Murray Street and 66 West Broadway. For more information, visit Seasonal Whispers online.

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Seasonal Whispers Jewelry Designs Made by Hand