6 Sabika Necklace Collections for Any Look

Swarovsky Crystal Necklace

If you have a warm spot in your heart for Austrian crystal jewelry, you're going to love Sabika necklaces.

Union of Sabika and Swarovsky

If you haven't really been exposed to Sabika jewelry yet, you're in for a real treat. This line is designed to accent almost any fashion. You can wear your accessories with a formal gown as easily as you could with your favorite swimsuit.

The company's roots are in Austria, the birth place of Swarovsky crystals, which happen to be a prominent feature in Sabika jewelry. Swarovsky crystals set the standard in the industry and are cut using a patented process that results in brilliant stones. These beautiful crystals are also backed with precious metals that allow them to refract an array colors. Some crystals are also chemically enhanced to provide added visual effects. The results are simply stunning.

Of further note, Sabika never uses nickel in any of their pieces, so you never have to worry about breaking out in a rash each time you wear your jewelry. The company only uses galvanized metals such as aluminum, brass and sterling silver to ensure the overall quality of each piece.

Collections of Sabika Necklaces

The best place to see Sabika necklaces online is at Meg's Baubles. Meg carries a large collection that includes earrings and bracelets as well.


A quick look at the Fun Chokers category reveals seven great chokers and matching bracelets.

Our favorites include:

  • Audrey: We're guessing that this set of pink and black diamonds with white crystal accents gets its name from Audrey Hepburn, ala Breakfast at Tiffany's. You can really picture the actress wearing it.
  • Caribbean: The warm tones of this choker call to mind sunset shades in the Caribbean. Colors range from green through gold to orange through bronze. There's even a flower jewel accent in the center to give this particular piece some added flair.

Moving on to the Manhattan Choker collection, we find a slightly more elegant style that complements a business suit as well as a cocktail dress, yet still looks great with a blouse and a pair of jeans.

Our favorites include:

  • Manhattan: Shades of pearl, black and light amber make this choker a great accessory to go with your little black dress.
  • Denim: Shades of deepest bronze, diamond white and swirling blue give you the opportunity to dress up or down with equal success.


Sabika's Crystal Pendant collection has a decidedly vintage feel. You can start your collection by purchasing the silver link necklace to display the interchangeable pendant, or you can opt for a younger look by going with Sabika's leather choker.All pendants attach with a lobster claw clasp, and designs include:

  • Cross
  • Flower
  • Heart

You can easily add drama to your necklace by adding more pendants to your chain. Imagine wearing three blossoms instead of just one, now that would be an elegant piece.

Golf Necklaces

You're going to want to wear Sabika's Golf Necklace on and off the links. A fine silver chain supports a single gemstone.Choose from:

  • Smoked topaz
  • Starshine
  • Opal
  • Crystal
  • Rainbow crystal

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection brings together the best Sabika has to offer. The double row chokers feature one strand of gem and crystal accents and a second ball chain strand to complement. You can finish off the look by adding a matching pendant.

Cross Pendants and Leather Chokers

If you're looking for a gift for a teenage girl, this collection has some very viable options. Sabika offers double strand Italian leather chokers in pink, blue, brown and black. The optional crystal crosses are rather Gothic in design and come in matching shades.

Jewelry Parties

Outside of finding one of these necklaces offered at eBay or Amazon, the only way to get your hands on Sabika necklaces is to host a jewelry party, similar to the way Lia Sophia Jewelry works. Much like a Tupperware or Pampered Chef party, Sabika offers in-home showings presented by a sales professional.

The advantage in this is that you can actually try on each piece you are interested in to see if it is right for you. Sometimes a piece looks great on display, but doesn't really suit you once you put it on. This way, there will be no doubt about how fabulous you'll look in any necklace you choose.

A further advantage is that as party hostess, you'll earn free jewelry based on the amount of sales your party generates.

To get more info and find a sales associate in your region, you can begin your search by contacting Meg's Baubles directly.

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