Russian Gold Jewelry for Affordable Matte Styles

Image of Russian gold necklace and earrings

If you're looking for an old-fashioned look without the high price tag that can come with a lot of antique jewelry items, consider Russian gold jewelry. This costume jewelry finish provides a beautiful matte appearance and antique style to modern, affordable accessories.

What Is Russian Gold Jewelry?

"Russian gold" is the name of a matte electroplated finish that can be applied to fashion jewelry. A base metal, usually bronze, is dipped into an electrically-charged plating solution that contains gold. Through the electroplating process, the gold is fused to the surface of the bronze, creating the appearance of solid gold. In the case of Russian gold plating, the jewelry item is then put through an antiquing process to give it an aged appearance. The end result is a piece with great dimension and character.

No one knows for sure where the name "Russian gold" came from, but it's possible that the finish is named for its resemblance to rose gold. Rose gold is an alloy of several different metals, and his has a distinctive, antique pinkish hue. This type of gold was very popular with Russian royalty in the early twentieth century.

The Matte Jewelry Trend

In recent years, matte gold jewelry has been very popular, and jewelry manufacturers who offer a Russian gold finish report that these products are some of their hottest sellers. One reason for this popularity is the versatility of Russian gold items. It's easy to wear matte gold jewelry without overdoing it, and these pieces are perfect for the popular layered jewelry look.

Affordable Elegance

In addition to their versatility, Russian gold pieces may be popular due to their affordability. While an antique gold necklace will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a similar piece in this finish will cost far less. This affordability means just about anyone can wear this elegant antique-like style.

Where to Find Russian Gold Pieces

The Internet is the perfect place to shop for Russian gold items. Because this type of jewelry is so affordable, you aren't taking a great deal of risk when you buy a piece sight unseen. Consider pieces from the following jewelry designers and stores:

Tips for Wearing Matte Gold

Russian gold necklaces and other jewelry are versatile, but if you're wondering how to wear jewelry in this finish, here are a few guidelines:

  • Because of its matte finish, this jewelry lends itself well to modern layered necklaces and bracelets. Go ahead and wear lots of pieces, but limit your layering to one type of jewelry. For instance, if you're wearing several Russian gold necklaces, skip the bracelets and earrings.
  • Consider mixing Russian gold items with contrasting jewelry pieces. You might wear a matte gold cuff next to a sparkly gemstone bracelet. This contrast in style and texture can create a very attractive look.
  • Since many items are designed to have an antique appearance, you might want to give some thought to your clothing pairings. Avoid long skirts or overly lacey blouses to keep your look from resembling a costume. A little antique style goes a long way.
  • Experiment with pairing informal pieces with more formal clothing. For instance, you might wear a long Russian gold necklace with a formal black cocktail dress. This can look sophisticated but playful.
  • Have fun with your pieces. Wearing jewelry is all about experimenting with new looks, and this matte style is wonderful for its versatility.
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Russian Gold Jewelry for Affordable Matte Styles