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Jewelry may not be the first thing you consider when shopping for a man, but there are many types of romantic keepsake jewelry for men that are both sensitive and masculine. Choosing the right piece can convey your love to a special man while giving him a treasured piece of jewelry he will love to wear.

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Ring Link Pendant

Interlinked rings can make a beautiful pendant, particularly if the rings are engraved with meaningful sentiments. For a more personal touch, link a ring of yours with a ring of his for a custom pendant.

His and hers key pendant
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Key Pendant

A key pendant can symbolize that one special man holds the key to your heart, or that he is the key to your happiness. There are many elaborate key pedants available; you may even find one with interlocking pieces or a matched set. Choose a simple design for a man's necklace, and opt for a black leather cord or thick metal rope for rugged wear.

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Trio Sets

One of the most romantic types of keepsake jewelry for a man is his wedding ring, and opting for a matching trio set of his and hers rings is a great way to show your enduring connection to one another. While men's rings are typically thicker and less elaborate than women's, the common elements in the ring design will connect you both.

Heartbeat ring on
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Heartbeat Ring

A men's heartbeat ring is a bold, stylish piece of jewelry. For a romantic flair, engrave the inside of the ring's band with a special message.

Name dog tags on
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Name Dog Tags

Personalized dog tags are a popular type of custom jewelry men can easily wear. Different font styles are available, and the dog tags can be crafted from either silver or gold. Instead of a name, you might also use a nickname or initials, but be sure to choose a long enough chain so the necklace can be worn underneath his clothing and close to his heart.

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Washer Pendants

A washer pendant has a simple, tribal look that appeals to many men, particularly when it is strung on a black silk or leather cord. The interior cutout of the washer can be heart shaped, or the washer's surface can be engraved with special words or phrases to create a personal, romantic keepsake.

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Romantic Cufflinks

Heart-shaped cufflinks are a quirky, fun gift to give that special man. Metal hearts will be less noticeable, or you can opt for gemstone hearts in a special birthstone or other symbolic color. Open or double heart designs with a central diamond are also popular.

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Initial Pendant

An initial pendant is more subtle than a name necklace, but it can be just as special and meaningful. Choose a chunky, thick font for masculine flair, and consider a design that incorporates birthstones, diamonds, or other details for more personalization.

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Stud Gemstones

Many men wear simple stud earrings, and giving that special man a symbolic type of stud earring can be a romantic gift. Opt for your or his birthstone, or a birthstone that represents the month of your first date, first kiss, or other meaningful event.

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Engraved Rings

A message ring is engraved with multiple words or an especially meaningful phrase. The exterior of the ring band may be engraved with a general romantic phrase such as 'I love you forever,' while a more personal message, names, or dates may be engraved on the inside for a private note.

Believe cuff bracelet
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Cuff Bracelets

A cuff bracelet engraved with a romantic sentiment can be a good keepsake for men. Thicker cuffs are often desired, and the cuff can be plain or may consist of different colors of metal twisted or braided together in a more intricate pattern.

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Pocket Watch

While a watch isn't strictly an item of jewelry, a pocket watch can be a beautiful decorative piece that a man can treasure as a romantic keepsake. Pocket watches are especially suitable for men who frequently wear suits, and the inside of the watch cover can be fitted with a photograph or engraved with a personal message.

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Dad Rings

A dad ring can be a wonderfully romantic keepsake for a wife to give her husband when a child is born, or when that child reaches milestones such as getting married or having children themselves. This type of ring, whether it is a plain design or personalized with gemstones, emphasizes the romance that binds the family together.

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Romantic Keepsake Jewelry for Men