Reverse Crystal Horse Jewelry: Tips to Buy & Sell

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Originally popular over a hundred years ago, reverse crystal horse jewelry has a timeless appeal. Learn more about this unique jewelry style, and find out how to buy and sell reverse crystal items.

History of Reverse Crystal

Reverse crystal is a jewelry-making technique that dates back to the 1800s. A jeweler begins with rock crystal, carving an image, traditionally a fox, dog, or horse, on the back side of the rounded crystal. This image is then painted and backed with mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl, which is also called "nacre," is a naturally-occuring composite material that gives traditional pearls their shine. It's also what makes mollusk shells iridescent, and it is used to give the crystal image a pearly luster. In addition to providing a beautiful sheen, mother of pearl also enhances and draws attention to the characteristically small image carved in the crystal.

Reverse Crystal Horse Jewelry

Because reverse crystal jewelry typically was created depicting scenes from hunting escapades, it's actually quite easy for collectors and horse jewelry lovers to find this type of equine jewelry. However, an original piece can be costly. Today, many jewelers have taken up the reverse crystal trade and can make very authentic looking reproductions that will be a bit easier on the wallet.

Here are a few suggestions for sources of reverse crystal horse jewelry:

  • Antique Dealers - Besides being a fun place to dig up forgotten treasures, antique shops are a fantastic place to purchase truly one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. These items come with a rich history and are usually of an era that put a great deal of emphasis on quality.
  • Estate Auctions - Furniture isn't the only type of antique item sold at auctions. Many times, you can also find jewelry and other accessories at a huge cost savings.
  • Jewelry Resale Shops - A resale jeweler is sometimes called a pawnbroker or second-hand jeweler. While these shops have earned a sketchy reputation in the media, many of them are run as mom-and-pop boutiques that purchase and resell quality jewelry, including reverse crystal pieces.
  • Online - Technology makes digging for antique treasure easier than ever. There are many online auction sites and specialty retailers that cater to those looking for items from yesteryear. There are also countless reverse crystal artists that can design a new horse pendant with an aged look.

Selling Reverse Crystal Pieces

Due to the high value of original reverse crystal jewelry, many people are trying to sell these antique pieces. It's important to have the item appraised, perhaps even by multiple sources, before you put it on the market. This will help ensure that you know the true value of the jewelry. Before you sell, remember these additional tips:

  • Clean your jewelry. Polished jewelry will attract buyers, whether it's in person or in a photograph online.
  • Use high resolution photography if you are posting online. Your target buyer wants to see all the details of your beautiful horse jewelry.
  • Be highly descriptive. If the jewelry has a unique story, you might want to include that in the description. Also, add details about the date of purchase, color, clarity, and the design itself. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it never hurts to spell it out for a buyer.
  • Be patient. It can get frustrating when your item isn't selling, especially when it's posted on an online site. Sometimes, it takes multiple listings before you get a bite. If you've listed the item several times, you may want to try selling the jewelry through a brick and mortar store or consider reducing your price. Sometimes, just by changing the price by a dollar, say from $300 to $299, you can pique buyer interest.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, reverse crystal is truly just as beautiful today as it was over a hundred years ago, and it makes a perfect gift for horse lovers or those who cherish all things timeless.

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Reverse Crystal Horse Jewelry: Tips to Buy & Sell