Religious Thistle Cross Jewelry to Express Your Faith

The thistle is a popular symbol used in jewelry.

Religious thistle cross jewelry combines a classic design with strong symbolism.

The thistle symbol is a traditional design and appears in many items of Celtic inspired jewelry. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. Legends describe how invading Vikings stepped into thistles and their cries woke a band of Scotsmen who fought the Vikings, stopping the invasion. The thistle became known as the 'guardian thistle' and as far back as 1470 appeared on coins as the emblem of Scotland. The cross is often used as the symbol of Christianity, and the combination of the thistle and the cross makes an attractive piece of jewelry.

Types of Religious Thistle Cross Jewelry

thistle pendant

The distinctive thistle design is often used in Celtic jewelry and religious thistle cross jewelry is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a piece of jewelry which is both attractive and steeped in meaning.

There are many different types and style of thistle cross jewelry:

  • Pendants - Many people like to wear a cross pendant. A cross pendant is attractive to wear, however the meaning is also important. A cross that incorporates thistles into the design is a unique choice for someone looking for something that is meaningful and attractive. This type of design often features a central gemstone. The gemstone is an important focal point and brings added color to the pendant. Earrings and rings can be matched to the gemstone to make an attractive jewelry set.
  • Earrings - Thistle cross earrings or earrings featuring Celtic designs are very popular. As well as thistle cross designs, variations include stylized designs of a thistle. These can look very elegant and complement many styles.
  • Rings - A ring featuring a thistle cross is an attractive design for both men and women. The cross can either be engraved into the surface of the ring or the ring could be cut into a thistle cross design.
  • Bracelets and bangles - Celtic designs work well on bracelets and bangles, as the intricate designs can be worked around the wrist. The thistle cross or other Celtic designs make interesting wristwear and can be worn for both formal and casual wear.

Religious thistle cross jewelry is made from many different materials. Precious metals such as gold or platinum are a good choice for special pieces of jewelry and pieces that will become future heirlooms. Silver is a more economical option, and other alternatives include pewter and copper. The choice of metal will depend on both budget and style requirements. Silver is a particularly popular choice. As silver ages, a patina develops and this accentuates the intricate designs in Celtic and thistle jewelry.

Buying Thistle Cross Jewelry

Thistle cross jewelry can be found online. There are many stores that specialize in Celtic jewelry. These retailers are a good place to start. Stores selling thistle cross jewelry include:

  • Seawear - This website has a range of different Celtic cross designs including a thistle cross (halfway down the page on the left hand side). This is a large cross and would make an ideal statement piece of jewelry.
  • - This is a stylish silver thistle cross pendant. The style is elegant and is perfect for everyday wear.

The thistle cross makes a lovely piece of religious jewelry. The attractive designs means that this is a pleasure to wear and is an interesting way to combine religious symbolism with design flair.

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Religious Thistle Cross Jewelry to Express Your Faith