Red Dress Pin: a Symbol for Women’s Heart Health

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The red dress pin is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of a movement to save women's lives.

About the Red Dress Pin

The red dress pin represents the national women's heart disease awareness campaign. The pin was first introduced as a symbol for the campaign by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in 2002. The symbol is now used as part of the NHLBI's Heart Truth and the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women heart disease awareness campaigns.

The pin's target audience is women between the ages of 40 and 60, ages when heart disease poses a large threat. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women and many women are unaware of the importance of heart health. The pin's goal is to build awareness of heart disease and inspire women to protect their heart health.

Pin Symbolism

The red dress awareness pin is meant to be a fashionable accessory that can also serve as a reminder to women to adopt a heart healthy life style and inspire others to do the same.

Pin Designs

The official pin is a slender sleeveless red dress with a heart-shaped symbol in the label area. Many design variations of the pin are available. The main design consistency is the dress shape and the red color.

Red dress awareness pin designs include:

  • Official sleeveless red dress with heart pin
  • Red dress on hanger with heart
  • Red dress without hanger
  • Red metal dress pin
  • Red Swarovski crystal dress pin
  • Short red sequined dress pin
  • Red semi-precious gemstone dress pin
  • Red dress with sleeves pin
  • Red dress with longer skirt pin

The National Heart Association and the NHLBI sites sell red dress awareness pins. However, some websites that are raising money for heart disease awareness, also sell a version of the pins, including artisan and homemade bead designs.

Swarovski Red Dress Awareness Pins

Swarovski first made a red dress awareness pin design in 2003. Since that time, Swarovski red dress awareness pins have been a sought after fashion accessory in awareness jewelry. Each year Swarovski develops a red dress awareness pin collection. A popular 2009 Swarovski pin design details a red short sleeveless evening dress with a plunging neckline and slit skirt in red Swarovski crystals. The pin generally sells for $55.

Swarovski also sponsors the NHLBI's The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection Fashion Show during New York's Fashion Week.

Ways to Wear the Pin

The great thing about a lapel pin is that there are many ways to ways to wear it. The versatile accessory can be worn daily with casual or dressy clothes. Here are some ideas on how to wear the red dress awareness pin:

  • Wear the pin on the lapel area of a suit or blouse.
  • Use the pin to hold a scarf together.
  • Attach the pin to a purse or backpack.
  • Wear the pin on your coat or jacket.
  • Put the pin on a belt.
  • String a chain through the pin and wear it as a necklace.
  • Wear a scarf over your shoulder and attach the red dress awareness pin to it to hold it in place.
Red dress pin
American Heart Association's Red Dress Pin

Where to Buy Red Dress Pins

There are many online resources for red dress awareness pins. Some sites provide free pin in exchange for a donation. Others sell the pin, with proceeds going to a heart disease awareness organization. The following websites sell red dress awareness pins:

Show Your Support

Red dress awareness pin are a great way to express support for the fight against heart disease and demonstrate a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Women who learn about the threat of heart disease and decide to lead a heart healthy life will be drawn to this symbol.

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Red Dress Pin: a Symbol for Women’s Heart Health