Red Clip On Earrings for a Fiery Touch

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Red clip on earrings make quite a statement! These are a versatile item of jewelry and look equally good when teamed with formal dress as they do when worn with casual outfits.

The Color Red

Red is a very dramatic color and has long been a popular choice in jewelry of all types. Part of the reason why red has such a long history of being used in jewelry is down to the fact that many gemstones are found in various shades of red. Rubies, for instance, are one of the most precious red gemstones, however other semi precious gemstones such as some garnets and red carnelian are readily available.

The bold color red is also complemented by gold. Rather than looking 'washed out' like other colors when teamed with yellow gold, the color of red is in fact enhanced. Red also looks great when teamed with the cool white of silver, white gold and other precious metals such as palladium and platinum.

The versatile nature of the color red makes it ideal for use in many types of jewelry, including earrings. Earrings can provide a touch of color and add glamor to an outfit in a way that no other jewelry can. For people who do not wear earrings for pierced ears, a pair of red clip on earrings can be just the thing.

Types of Red Clip On Earrings

There are many different types of red clip on earrings. These range from top quality gem encrusted gold earrings through to fun and funky plastic or acrylic earrings. Earrings can be fashioned into interesting shapes such as red cardinal earrings. Tiny red earrings look great with formal outfits whereas larger and more flamboyant styles are perfect for dressy occasions. The choice is not only down to style, but also down to earring fitting. The most popular types of clip on earrings include:

Traditional Clips

Traditional earring clips are formed from two pieces. First, there is the pad and this sits on the outside of the ear and this is what displays the earrings. The second part is the clip. This is fastened to the pad with a spring and this gently springs closed. The spring helps to hold the earring in place.

Screw Fittings

A variation on the traditional clip on earring is an earring that is gently screwed into place rather than being held in place by a spring. This type of earring is particularly good for displaying drops.

Tips for Buying Clip on Earrings

Red clip on earrings have some special features. Before buying a set of earrings there are some useful things to take into account first:

  • Weight - it is important that clip on earrings are not too heavy. Very heavy clip on earrings are uncomfortable to wear and can easily fall off. Artificial materials such as plastic and acrylic make a great choice for larger earrings as they are naturally lightweight and this means that larger earrings can be made that weigh less than other materials.
  • Strength of the spring - very strong springs fitted to clip on earrings can also be uncomfortable. They can press the ear lobe too tightly and this can cause pain.
  • Hypoallergenic - it is important when buying any jewelry that is going to be worn next to the skin to ensure that the metal is hypoallergenic. This means that the metal is safe to be worn close to the skin. It is always worth, however, wearing any new jewelry for a short period of time to start with to ensure that it does not cause any skin reactions.

Buying Red Attractive Clip On Earrings

Many high street jewelry stores sell an exciting range of clip on earrings. In addition to high street stores, online jewelry stores also sell a wide selection of jewelry and these include:

  • Amazon - this large online retailer sells a wide range of red clip on earrings
  • - keep a look out for regular offers such as free delivery
  • Paper Jewels - this website has a wide range of interesting jewelry

Red earrings can be the perfect accessory to many outfits and clip on styles mean that everyone, regardless of whether they have their ears pierced, can join in the fun!

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Red Clip On Earrings for a Fiery Touch