Shopping Tips for Red Cardinal Earrings

Red Cardinal Jewelry
Red Cardinal Jewelry

Searching for the perfect pair of red Cardinal earrings? Find tips right here.

Cardinal Fans

Do you or someone you know love Cardinals? Perhaps you're an Arizona Cardinals fan, or maybe you're from Ohio or North Carolina where this crimson beauty is the state bird. Even if you simply love these birds for their unusual coloring and lovely head fans, you have to admit that they make a great subject for designing earrings.

In fact, you can find a variety of red cardinal earrings on the market. Some are enameled, while others are made from glass. You can even find an assortment of posts, clip-ons and dangling styles, and if you search long enough you're certain to find a set that pleases you. Let's look at a sample of what's available online.

Shopping Online for Red Cardinal Earrings

Zarah Jewelry

Our first stop is at Zarah Jewelry. Here we find a gorgeous pair of Cardinal earrings in post style. The pair is hand painted and kiln-fired to a perfectly glossy finish. The price is quite reasonable at just $12.00 per pair.

A quick search at Amazon .com revealed several styles of Cardinal ear bobs from traditional to sporty. You can even choose whether you prefer your Cardinals Arizona or St. Louis style.


Does anyone remember what life was like before eBay? Here we found a fantastic pair of Native American-style beaded cardinal earrings. Who knows how long the supply will last on these, but you can always do a fresh search to see what another seller may have to offer.

Shopping Locally

If shopping online just isn't your style, you might be able to find a lovely pair of cardinal earrings by scouring local stores such as:

  • Claire's
  • Icing by Claire
  • Piercing Pagoda
  • The jewelry department of your favorite local department store.

Tips About Metal

No matter how tempted you are to purchase a particular pair of red Cardinal earrings, you really need to consider the type of metal used in the jewelry. This is true whether the earrings are for yourself or if you intend to give them away as a gift.

  • Stainless steel is always a great choice for earrings. The metal is very hypo-allergenic and will not build up any oxidation.
  • Gold, in 14K to 18K is another good choice for earrings because almost everyone is able to tolerate this type of metal against their lobes or through their piercings.
  • Sterling silver is not as desirable a choice because the tarnish build up of this metal can leave black marks on your skin that aren't easily washed away.
  • Gold or silver plate should also be avoided if possible. This is basically because the plating eventually wears away and makes the earrings look cheap and worn.
  • Nickel is almost never a good choice as material for earrings or any other jewelry that is worn against the skin. Many people have an allergic reaction to this metal, and it can cause red sore spots that sometimes ooze. Always try to search for earring that are nickel-free.
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Shopping Tips for Red Cardinal Earrings