5 Pro Sports Jewelry Styles to Represent Your Team

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Whether you're looking for something casual and cheap or a piece of fine jewelry, there's a pro sports jewelry item in just about any price range and style, from colorful lapel pins that cost less than a drink at a game to a hefty gold ring or pendant that could rent a sky box for a night. You can wear sports jewelry as a sign of encouragement for a team perhaps in need of it (why, hello, Cubs fans!), to celebrate a victory, or as a conversation starter.


Because watches are one of the most popular pro sports jewelry items, you can find nearly any kind of style for men, women, or youth. You can get bracelet or strap watch bands in the basic colors: gold and silver or steel finishes for metal, black or brown leather for men's straps, black, brown, or sometimes blues or pinks for women's.

There are also all kinds of face styles, some with the logo very prominent, others, usually dressier, with a very small logo. Some teams even have pocket watches or pin watches as well as wrist watches. Analog displays are much more common than digital, however; depending on the team, you may have some trouble finding a digital watch.

Earrings, Charms, and Pendants

Charms and pendants are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and price ranges. The larger pendants can be unisex, while most charms are primarily designed for women. Earrings can also be unisex, especially if a man's willing to shed some blood for his team and get them pierced for the good of the cause.

Gold Jewelry

Pro sports jewelry is also available in gold, usually 14 karat, but sometimes 10 or 18. You can usually find small, inexpensive gold earrings and charms, anywhere from about $50-150 depending on weight, while heavy men's rings or large pendants can cost hundreds or even in the low thousands.

Money Clips, Tie Clips, Cuff Links, and Dog Tags

Money clips, tie clips, cuff links, and dog tags are all options for men's pro sports jewelry. Dog tags are big and unabashed, while tie tacks or cuff links transition easily from the office to the game. If you have cash left over after paying for tickets, why not flaunt it in a team logo money clip?

Championship Rings

National championship rings, most often made by Jostens, Balfour, and Diamond Cutters International (DCI), are the most valuable pro sports jewelry. Each year, for example, the NFL purchases just 150 championship rings for the winning team, and while teams can and do order more on their own, the total numbers are quite small compared to the number of collectors. In addition, the rings are pieces of sports history and can help to bring back exciting memories, especially if you attended the championship game.

Buying Pro Sports Jewelry

As with any jewelry, be aware that in most cases, an item on sale that's discounted more than about 20 percent is often marked up so high in the first place that you're not necessarily getting a bargain.

Team shops, online and physical, usually carry a good variety of jewelry. If you're in a city during off-season but want some team jewelry as a souvenir, tourist stores often carry some. In addition, eBay usually has an extensive selection of pro sports jewelry for auction.

Avoiding Counterfeits

As with any licensed logo product, there's a thriving market in counterfeit and unlicensed items, both from street vendors lurking outside games and online. Be aware that these, unlike officially licensed pieces, have no chance of increasing in value as collectibles and are not likely to be durable. In particular, never buy gold jewelry from a street vendor, unless you're deliberately building a collection of expensive fakes. (Though we gently recommend that you find other hobbies.)

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