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Platinum Jewelry for a Timeless Look

Platinum Rings
Platinum Ring

Platinum jewelry has lately gained a foothold in the jewelry industry, rising as one of the most valued and timeless crafting materials. Within the past ten years, platinum wedding rings have soared in popularity due to their cool blue sheen and elegant appearance. Moreover, platinum is currently being admired not only for its aesthetic advantages, but for its practical rewards as well.

Constituents of Platinum Jewelry

Platinum isn't just pretty. It used to be that many platinum jewelry items were crafted from a combination of platinum and gold, but now most platinum items are manufactured using a purity of at least 85 percent platinum. The platinum is alloyed with other elements in the platinum group such as palladium, ruthenium, iridium, copper, and/or cobalt. The combination of these metals reinforces the endurance and tenability of platinum's properties.

Advantages of Platinum

It isn't just an aesthetic choice that motivates the decision between gold and platinum jewelry items. Platinum boasts a higher resistance to tarnish than gold. More importantly, where ring resizing is concerned, platinum has the ability to be heated and cooled repeatedly without suffering hardening and oxidation effects. This property affords more reliable settings for diamonds and other precious stones. Additionally, the malleability of platinum allows for jewelry designers to test the limits of their creativity during the designing process.

Unfortunately, jewelers do have to work in an extremely clean and careful environment when working with platinum, as this metal has an outrageously high melting temperature. Pure platinum has a melting temperature of 1769 degrees.

Another thing to keep in mind is that platinum is a neutral metal and, therefore, provokes very few allergic reactions in its wearers. When shopping for engagement and wedding rings, this is an important point to consider since this material is well-suited for everyday wear.

Platinum in Early Civilizations

Platinum was very popular 2000 years ago in South American, where Indian civilizations crafted jewelry from platinum nuggets. These nuggets were commonly found in and alongside rivers. A 7th century BC Egyptian casket was also created using platinum, proving that this metal was a valued item during ancient times. Platinum didn't enjoy a modern audience until the 18th century in Europe, when the material rose in popularity during the Edwardian and Art Deco periods. With the rise of jewelry enterprises like Cartier and Tiffany, the demand for platinum increased, and the metal eventually became a hot item in Japan during the 1960s.

Currently, platinum is the most sought-after material on the bridal market, particularly for engagement and wedding rings.

Tiffany Has It All

Tiffany & Co. is one of the leaders in upscale quality jewelry. Using only the finest materials available, and boasting the sleekest, most elegant designs, Tiffany is an ideal location at which to purchase platinum jewelry.

Whether you're shopping for engagement and wedding rings, or you're on a search for the perfect pendant, Tiffany has much to offer in the way of platinum. The Tiffany Hearts collection is rich in platinum and white gold styles. The Tiffany Hearts ring makes for a charming special event gift. Crafted using high clarity round diamonds set in sturdy platinum, this ring is an anniversary, Valentine's, or just a general "I love you" gift that is as precious as it is priceless.

  • The Tiffany Letters collection boasts a fun use of platinum alongside more of Tiffany's characteristically glittering diamonds. Jewelry doesn't get more classy or individualized than these clever little gifts. Most importantly, each item of Tiffany jewelry comes with a quality guarantee.
  • The Tiffany Elsa Peretti collection also carries many platinum jewelry styles, all manufactured and accentuated using Peretti's sleek designs.

More Purchasing Information

Platinum jewelry can be found at most jewelry stores, although upscale retailers will contain the purest amounts of platinum.

Platinum Jewelry for a Timeless Look