Plain Charms and Pendants

Plain charms look unique on necklaces.

While fancy and ornate jewelry may be eye catching, there are times when the timeless elegance of plain charms and pendants is called for.

When you look at many of the great style icons of recent years, the single point that they all have in common is the understated elegance of their accessories and jewelry. Simple yet classic designs are often more striking than heavily ornate or patterned alternatives. Plain charms and pendants are a typical example of how relatively simple jewelry can have a stunning effect.

Buying Plain and Simple Charms and Pendants

Plain jewelry needn't mean boring jewelry. In fact some of the most unique and individual styles and designs are very plain. This allows the design of the jewelry to shine through and not to get lost in lots of detail. Plain jewelry often has bold and dramatic lines and this is perfect for charms and pendants. When you are looking for plain charms and pendants there are a few things to consider. These include:


Plain jewelry can be at the leading edge of fashion or follow more traditional lines. Deciding on the look that you want to achieve can help to decide the style of jewelry to choose. If the jewelry is to complement other pieces in your collection then it might be a good idea to wear these to the jewelers when shopping for new jewelry.


Plain jewelry such as charms and pendants can be made from many types of materials. Gold and silver are among the most popular, as the inner beauty of the metal highlights the simple designs. Precious metals, such as gold, are significantly more expensive than silver or other metals, therefore gold plated jewelry may be a good low-cost compromise.


The addition of a gemstone or two can give a focal point to a plain item of jewelry without detracting from the style. Birthstones are a particularly attractive type of gemstone and these are a good option when buying jewelry as gifts.

Customizing Plain Jewelry

Many people buy plain charms and necklaces to customize. This often means that that charms and pendants are engraved. Engraving a charm or pendant is a lovely way to customize a piece of jewelry and to make it extra special. This works well with family jewelry such as a necklace for a mother or grandmother. Many jewelry stores that sell plain jewelry will also offer an engraving service. They will be able to give advice as to how many words or characters can be fitted onto a charm or pendant and the type of fonts available.

Wearing Plain Charms and Pendants

Simple charms and pendants can be dressed up or down. They look fantastic when teamed with evening or special occasion wear, yet can also look great with casual wear such as jeans and a t-shirt. This makes plain charms and pendants a very flexible choice. Plain and simple jewelry is also a wonderful accompaniment to wedding outfits. The classic styles give a beautiful finishing touch to an outfit.

Accompanying Other Jewelry

Simple jewelry is also a great accompaniment to a single feature piece. If, for instance, you are planning on wearing a special brooch, which is heavily adorned or has an ornate pattern, then a plain pendant or set of charms will help to set the brooch off and not detract from its beauty. This also applies to earrings. Teaming a single ornate item of jewelry with some plain pieces is a style tip shared by some of the leaders in the world of fashion. The old adage 'less is more' has never more accurately been applied.

For what ever occasion, plain and simple charms, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry can make the perfect accessory.

Plain Charms and Pendants