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Peridot Stacking Ring: Buying Made Simple

Peridot Stack Rings
Peridot Stack Rings

With the wide range of beautiful gemstones available, from pinks of quartz to greens of peridot, stack rings are a wonderfully versatile item of jewelry.

What is a Stack Ring?

A stack ring is a ring that is designed to be worn with a number of other rings. Although each ring is separate, the overall appearance is of a larger, highly textured ring. Stack rings are a fantastic choice for people who want to vary their jewelry on a regular basis, as by simply altering the order or the number of rings worn, a totally different image is created.

Stack rings are generally quite thin, allowing five or six rings to be worn together. They are typically set with gemstones and the settings are either flush with the ring shank, so the stones do not knock against or catch on the other rings, or they are set slightly proud to allow the stone to overlap the other rings.

These are a lovely way to build up a collection, and each ring can be highly personal. For instance the rings could be purchased or given to represent special occasions such as birthdays. Birthstones are attractive as well as significant and the combination of different birthstones, perhaps to represent a family, would look fantastic as stack rings.

The most popular birthstones are as follows:

Choosing a Peridot Stack Ring

History and Color

Many people include peridot in their selection of gemstone stack rings because of the beautiful light green color. Peridot has a rich, long heritage in jewelry usage. Peridot has been found in many important archaeological sites of ancient civilizations. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used peridot within their jewelry. Today the stone remains popular because of the beauty of the color of the stone and the fact that it is sold at an accessible price. It is much less costly, for instance, than high quality emeralds.

Combining Gemstones

Being a light and translucent color, peridot looks great when combined with other gemstones. Peridot is wonderful teamed with the deep purple of amethyst or the light blues of aquamarine. The combination of gemstone types and colors makes for an exciting choice of stacking rings.


Peridot can be purchased cut in a variety of ways, adding to its appeal. The stone can be found in round cabochon cuts, where the smooth dome surface reflects the light green of the stone or cut into many tiny facets which catch the light and create a wonderful sparkle. The type of stone used in a ring is a highly personal choice and an entire stacking ring could be formed of several bands each one set with a single stone such as peridot cut in different shapes and styles.

Metal Types

Stacking rings can be created from a whole variety and combination of metals. The precious metals that look great in these rings include:

If the rings are to be worn constantly over many years then the metal ought to be of a similar hardness. This is to avoid the harder metals such as silver, wearing away softer metals such as high karat gold. For more occasional wear this is less important and the wonderfully rich mix of colors and textures that the different metals offer add to the appeal.

Buying Stacking Rings

When buying stacking rings the most important feature to check is that the rings do truly stack well one on top of the other and that they are comfortable to wear. If there is too much of a gap between the rings then the rings can rub and become uncomfortable.

It is also important to ensure that the rings are compatible with other rings in your stacking ring collection. Most jewelry designers create their rings so they can be worn with other rings in their collection or rings by other designers.

Most jewelry stores will be happy to allow you to try on rings along side your existing rings in the store to check compatibility.

Stacking rings can also be found on the Internet. Some stores that offer an exciting range include:

  • Gemvara carries a nice selection of peridot stacking rings
  • Susan B. - Variety of stacking rings including a peridot and white topaz band ring
  • Fantasy Jewelry Box - Wide range of styles and types of stacking rings

Buying Tips

  • Plated metals, although cheaper to buy, may rub against the other rings causing the base metal to show through.
  • Many smaller stones can look as dramatic as a single larger stone.
  • Textured metals look fantastic when combined, for instance a satin finished ring combined with a hammered and high polish ring.

Stacking rings are a wonderful item of jewelry and the wide range of options it gives you means that they will bring pleasure now and for many years to come.

Peridot Stacking Ring: Buying Made Simple