Moon River Pearls: Trends for Spring From Designer

Green Prehnite and Pearl Necklace

We recently contacted Amy Drescher of Moon River Pearls to find out what the hottest styles for pearls are this season. Here's what she had to say:

About Amy Drescher


LTK: How did you get involved with jewelry?
AD: I've loved to play dress up since I was a girl, so I guess my job is a natural extension! A few years ago, after working for a large retail chain, I signed on to be Moon River Pearls' vice president of marketing (I had worked for the company's owners in another business venture); in that capacity, among other duties, I accompany our head buyer on trips to New York, where we talk to designers and manufacturers and decide on upcoming styles. I love that part of my job.LTK: What do you look for when selecting styles for Moon River Pearls?
AD: We look for fresh, unique designs that appeal to us, and by extension, our customer, who has wonderful taste, is interested in her appearance, and appreciates fine quality without having to suffer huge price tags. We equally like classically beautiful pieces and trendy, funkier designs. A huge consideration is the quality of the piece and its availability. We don't want a bride to order ten of the same pieces for her attendants and not be able to fill the order.

We also look for variety...we're buying for little girls, brides, careerwomen, moms, grandmothers, you name it. We want to have pearl jewelry styles that appeal to every woman.


LTK: What is your favorite piece, and why?
AD: Gosh, that's a hard question! I've been personally involved in selecting all the pieces, and would own them all if I could. If forced to choose, right now I love our jumbo black pearls mother-of-pearl bracelet with the Tiffany-style clasp. It gorgeously mimics fine Tahitians but it costs far less ($85). I wear this with sweaters, button-down shirts, dresses...formal and casual. It really looks great with my watch.

I also love our 34-inch black baroque pearl necklace (currently on sale for $188). It's stunning no matter what you wear it with.

Hot New Trends

LTK: What are the hot new trends in jewelry for the spring?
AD: Pearls, especially lavender and pink--which are naturally occurring freshwater pearl colors--are really hot for spring. You can get them in a traditional strand, but a Tin Cup or pendant style necklace looks especially fresh right now. For earrings, chandeliers, hoops and studs are popular. Bracelets, especially multiple strand bracelets and cuffs, are also in. And the layered look is still going strong...pairing long gold or silver chains with shorter pearl strands or pendants can really punch up an otherwise boring outfit. Wrapping a long pearl strand around your wrist as a bracelet is neat too.

Right now I love the look of pearls combined with other gemstones. That's a personal favorite look for spring. We have a spring green prehnite and pearl style that I just love. Mother-of-pearl and shell jewelry is very popular now too. These materials add a carefree feel to warm weather wardrobes.

LTK: I notice Moon River Pearls carries many different styles of pearls - are any particular shapes and colors more popular at the moment?
AD: Baroque shapes--those with no discernible symmetry--are really popular right now. I think pearls are losing their classic image a bit; for less formal occasions women are moving away from the classic strand and are experimenting with pearls of various shapes and sizes. That's not to say the strand is's a classic for a reason...but other types of pearls are interesting and worth looking into as well. Pink and lavender are popular colors--our silvery lavender hue is extremely flattering to most complexions--but white and black are our perennial best-sellers. The traditional round white pearl strand is our overall best-seller. It goes with everything and never goes out of style.

About Moon River Pearls


LTK: Do Moon River Pearls go best with a certain look or style of clothing?
AD: Because we have classic and trendy pearl styles, our styles go with every style of clothing. I wear pearls with jeans as well as business suits. (I like the contrast of formal pearls with casual tee shirts). We cater to women of all ages with all different tastes. My little nieces, my college-age cousins, my mother and I all wear Moon River Pearls' styles. They're great for any look. I really believe in jewelry and it's ability to allow you to express your personal style with flair.LTK: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about Moon River Pearls or the new trends?
AD: Most designers, fashion reporters and style editors agree that pearls are experiencing a huge surge in popularity--they aren't just for formal occasions any more. Moon River Pearls carries mainly freshwater pearls, which today's pearl experts tell us rival the beauty of their saltwater cousins--with the added benefit that they're more plentiful and more affordable. So, if you're looking for pearls, please keep freshwater cultured pearls in mind. Advances in culturing techniques have made these gems really stand out. Moon River Pearls offers free shipping and free gift boxing, so you save even more. Our quality is fantastic too, and we offer more freshwater pearl jewelry styles than you'll find anywhere else. Get in on the pearl trend...this is one fashion staple that will never go out of style.

A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America's Graduate Pearls program, Amy Drescher is a fashion and lifestyle writer and accessories buyer for Moon River She welcomes your questions. Reach her at

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Moon River Pearls: Trends for Spring From Designer