Guide to Onyx Cross Necklaces + 8 Unique Styles

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Onyx cross necklaces are dramatic and beautiful pieces of religious jewelry.

About Onyx

Onyx is a beautiful addition to jewelry. Onyx is a type of quartz that can range greatly in color. Most often it alternates in bands of color, including white, brown, red, black, and grey. This semi-precious stone registers a seven on the Moh's Hardness scale, but may be chipped if in contact with other onyx.

It is mainly mined in India and South American regions. In ancient times, onyx was believed to be a talisman of bravery. With a rich history, elegance, and beauty, onyx is also a lovely jewelry choice. Furthermore, its affordability makes it an even more accessible option for the average consumer.

Types of Onyx Cross Necklaces

Although available in a range of styles, onyx cross necklaces are usually designed as pendants worn on a necklace of a material other than onyx, such as a gold chain. Depending on the color of the onyx, the pendant is placed with various metals or other materials to complete the necklaces.

Black Onyx

Black onyx crosses offer a dramatic and interesting look, and are one of the most popular and plentiful looks in onyx crosses. The boldness makes a great unisex choice. Men often prefer a black onyx cross because they feel that it appears stronger and more masculine than lighter or white onyx.

Black onyx crosses are often paired with sterling silver for a striking contrast. The onyx may be encased or detailed using sterling silver as well. Other popular choices for black onyx crosses include yellow gold and black rubber cord.

Types of Crosses

There are many different types of crosses for onyx necklaces. These include:

  • Contemporary, slim-lined crosses
  • Victorian style crosses
  • Capped crosses using marcasite, silver, gold, Mother of Pearl, or some other material
  • Crosses with metal scripture tags
  • Short, chunky-style crosses
  • Crosses with small figures of Jesus
  • Oversize crosses
  • Crosses with a dove or depiction of the Holy Spirit

Crosses are also available that are not made entirely of onyx, but have onyx as the focal point or accent of the cross. There are many additional styles available as well, and some jewelers offer custom or semi-custom options for onyx necklaces.

Onyx Beads

Another type of onyx cross necklace is made with onyx chips or beads. In this case the cross or pendant itself may be made of onyx, or of wood, gem stones, gold, silver, or some other material. The onyx beads may be merely used as an accent at the front of the necklace to draw more attention to the pendant, or the chain itself may be composed alternating with metal or other links and onyx beads.

Onyx Resin

While onyx crosses are on the affordable side in terms of fine jewelry, they may still be priced a bit high for some consumers. An alternative is the less-expensive onyx resin which has offers a brilliant shine and the look of onyx at a lower cost. Where a sterling silver necklace with a small onyx cross might average around fifty dollars, a full onyx resin bead and cross necklaces might be sold for fewer than twenty dollars.

Just be cautious when purchasing -- if you are in the market for real onyx, be sure the deal you are getting is from a reputable jeweler or merchant and not an onyx substitute.

Prices and Shopping

Onyx cross necklaces are sold in Christian jewelry, book, or gift stores, inspirational jewelry stores, and some standard jewelers. They are also available from a number of online jewelry merchants as well, including:

Prices vary greatly, depending on the materials of the necklace and pendant. Gold and other semi-precious and precious metal necklaces with an onyx cross can cost several hundred dollars or more. More affordable options, such as sterling silver, rubber cord, or the aforementioned resin, are also widely available. Additional gemstones or other accents will affect the cost as well.

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