One of a Kind Designer Jewelry to Stand Out

One of A Kind Jewelry
Demonstrate your individuality with one of a kind jewelry.

One of a kind designer jewelry is an exciting option if you are looking for something extra special. Whether it is a special pair of earrings to match an outfit or an outrageous necklace for dramatic effect, unique items of jewelry are wonderful to own and wear.

What is One of a Kind Jewelry?

One of a kind jewelry is the term used to describe a piece of jewelry that is totally unique. It is sometimes also referred to by its initials, OOAK. One of a kind jewelry is typically handmade by an artisan jeweler who will have created the jewelry from raw materials. As every piece of the artisan's jewelry is handcrafted no two pieces are exactly the same. This gives you as the buyer the reassurance that they are buying something totally unique and special.

One of a kind jewelry ranges through a variety of styles and forms. It is used to describe beautiful handmade items of jewelry using the most precious of metals and stones to fun and unusual items made from funky colored plastics, beads, and other materials. The only requirement is that the jewelry has been handcrafted and not mass produced.

Any piece of jewelry can be one of a kind, including earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. However it doesn´t stop with the traditional items of jewelry, body jewelry, anklet and toe rings are also all available in unique styles.

How to Buy One of a Kind Pieces of Jewelry


Many artisan jewelers sell their work through jeweler stores and art galleries. Here they will be exhibiting and showcasing a range of their work and this will give you an ideal way to learn more about individual jewelers and their work.

In addition to this, many independent jewelers will have workshops that are open to the public where they will be delighted to meet prospective clients and talk to them about their ideas. Local craft directories will often provide details of workshops that are open to the public.

Generally there are two ways to buy one of a kind pieces of jewelry, either buying from a designer´s stock of items or commissioning a piece. With both ways the principles of buying jewelry remain the same and this involves answering a few basic questions:

Budget: One of the most important considerations when buying jewelry is the budget. Setting a budget early on is vital to avoid disappointment. One of a kind jewelry need not be any more expensive than other types of handcrafted jewelry, however it is important to work out what you want to pay before starting the buying process.


Jewelry Type: It is likely that you will know what type of jewelry you are after, such as whether you are looking for a ring or necklace. However in addition to this you will need to know whether you are looking for something for everyday wear or for special occasions. A large flamboyant ring may look wonderful, although might prove totally impractical for everyday wear.

Materials: Many jewelers will be able to show you examples of different materials to help you in your choice. Gold, for instance, is available in a wide range of hues and shades. It will also be useful if the jeweler can show you different stones. Gemstones are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from the bright colorful opaques of turquoise and carnelians to the clear beauty of precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires.

Gemstones that are set in jewelry are generally available in two cuts, faceted and cabochon. A faceted stone is cut with many tiny faces on the stone that reflect light giving a stone its inner fire, a cabochon has a large smooth surface which is typically domed. Clear stones are often faceted while opaque stones look wonderful when cut as a cabochon.

Where to Buy One of a Kind Designer Jewelry


In addition to buying one of a kind designer jewelry from jewelery stores, galleries or craft markets, many jewelers have websites. These can be an excellent way to look at a designers portfolio and to determine whether their style appeals.In addition to individual jewelers websites, there are also a number of websites that offer jewelry from a variety of designers. Some of these include:

Looking After One of a Kind Pieces of Jewelry

Looking after your jewelry is important to ensure that it keeps looking good for years to come. The jeweler will be able to offer you information about how to look after your particular one of a kind piece of jewelry, however some simple rules are:

  • Keep precious metals wrapped in acid free tissue paper when not in use.
  • Check the settings of stones regularly to ensure that they are still holding the stone tight.
  • Non precious materials such as plastics and fabrics may require specialist cleaning and will not be waterproof.
  • Check with the jeweler for any specific cleaning instructions.

Buying unique jewelry is a fantastic way to own a piece of wearable art while also demonstrating your individuality.

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One of a Kind Designer Jewelry to Stand Out