Non-Piercing Jewelry Styles for a Temporary Look

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Non-piercing jewelry is a great option if you want the look of piercings without any body alteration. Whether you are looking for clip-on earrings or a fake belly ring, there are numerous possibilities for illusion jewelry available. These temporary jewelry options give you the freedom to try out body jewelry and figure out if it's right for you.

About Non-Piercing Jewelry

Non-piercing jewelry refers to any type of jewelry that fastens to the body without piercing the skin. The term is most commonly used in reference to body jewelry, but it also includes clip-on earrings.

Body piercing sometimes has a long healing process. For example, a belly ring can take six months to a year to properly heal. Sometimes during a long healing process, the risk of infection is greater. Piercing can also pose a risk for people with metal allergies. Sometimes fake body jewelry is a healthier option for people concerned about the risks of piercing.

You can find temporary jewelry to decorate any part of your body, including intimate areas. It may even be safer to select clip-on jewelry for certain parts of your body that you'd rather not have pierced.

Fastening Methods

There are several different fastening methods for non-piercing jewelry:

  • Metal clip-on devices
  • Spring hoop
  • Magnets
  • Stick-on adhesives


Faux body jewelry comes in many forms. Common types of body decoration include:

  • Belly rings: Belly rings decorate the navel area. This jewelry comes in styles with dangling charms or gemstones as well as fake studs.
  • Monroes: Named after actress Marilyn Monroe's famous beauty mark, monroes are imitation studs that are placed above the upper lip on either the right or left side of the mouth. Some faux monroes are gemstones and others have a design.
  • Lip hoops: Small lip hoops are easy to attach because many simply clip on. They come in traditional silver or gold, and other colors ranging from red to blue.
  • Nipple shields: Nipple shields for a pierced look vary from simple metal shapes to elaborate metal designs. Small stud-like and dangle type designs are also available.
  • Plugs: Cheater plugs look like the real thing without any ear stretching. Many screw on to fit. Some are simply plug designs attached to a stud that requires traditional ear piercing and won't work for non-pierced ears.


Pierced-look jewelry is available in a range of materials at various price ranges. You can find stainless steel, sterling silver, and titanium jewelry, as well as 14K yellow and white gold pieces. People with metal allergies should look for jewelry labeled as nickel-free or hypoallergenic. Stainless steel jewelry, yellow gold and titanium is sometimes an option for some people with metal allergies, but even these can be an issue for others. Be careful with plated metals, sterling silver and white gold because they may contain nickel.The higher end items tend to have better craftsmanship and last longer. Cheaper clip-on jewelry is typically lower quality and may not be as durable. If possible, examine the jewelry before purchase for overall quality and check to make sure the fasteners don't have sharp edges or loose fittings.

Trying Out Body Jewelry

If you are trying out body jewelry, temporary jewelry can help you safely experiment with different looks without committing to the piercing process. This is a good way to see if you even like the look and if it feels right. Here are some tips for trying out faux body jewelry:

  • Pick jewelry styles that work with your wardrobe and lifestyle. If you decide to get a piercing, the look should fit your personal style.
  • Be aware of how a temporary jewelry piece fastens and keep it fastened correctly. The magnetic type can be tricky and sometimes dangerous, such as magnetic labrets for chins that fit between the cheeks and gums. Be careful not to swallow this type of jewelry.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for how to wear the jewelry and care for it.
  • How do others react to your body jewelry? If you get any negative feedback from loved ones, you must decide if that matters to you. You will have to live with this reaction if you decide to get a piercing.

Where to Buy Fake Body Jewelry

A number of jewelry stores sell clip-on earrings, and there are body jewelry specialty stores in many locations. However, the Internet offers a large selection of faux body jewelry for the entire body. Online retailers who sell illusion jewelry includes the following:

  • Arabesque Body Creations and Design: Arabesque's site sells body jewelry for all ages and has an adults only section for intimate temporary jewelry.
  • Emitations: Emitations offers a large selection of clippable earrings in hoops, dangling, and post styles made from many different materials.
  • Body Jewelry Factory: Body Jewelry Factory has numerous options for fake body jewelry, including belly rings, imitation piercings for the tongue, plugs, monroes, labrets and lip rings.
  • Pierce Body: Kamar Jewelry & Trading's Pierce Body site sells faux body jewelry in a variety of designs.
  • Cliptomania: Cliptomania specializes in all styles of clip-on earrings.

Consider temporary body jewelry if you want try out new jewelry styles. It could help you decide if piercing is right for you, or this type of jewelry could simply add new fashion possibilities to your wardrobe.

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Non-Piercing Jewelry Styles for a Temporary Look