Natural Stone Necklaces: Guide to the Perfect Piece

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The effortless beauty of natural stone necklaces make these a popular jewelry choice. Natural stones can be found in a wide range of colors and styles, providing something to meet every taste and style.

About Natural Stones

The term natural stone is used in many ways. The term is often used to describe stones that are of a natural appearance. These range from pale neutrals through to deep, rich browns and earthy greens. These natural stone colors are extremely popular and look great when matched with casual clothes, but also look fantastic with more dressier outfits. The term is also used to describe gemstones that have not been heat treated or dyed to alter their color or make up, gemstone jewelry is discussed in other articles.


Natural stones are available in different shapes and sizes. Beads are often used in necklaces and these range from tiny delicate round beads, through to large chunky beads. A mix of different sized beads can look wonderful and when perhaps strung on natural materials such as leather thonging, can make an extremely stunning piece of jewelry. In addition to beads, necklaces and other jewelry items can be made from set stones. These are stones that have been cut and shaped, a jeweler then makes a setting for the stone. These make lovely pendants and often earrings, bracelets and rings can be found to match. Stone is sometimes carved into shapes and hung as pendants.


Natural stones vary in color, and subtle patterning, stripes or color combinations are naturally formed. Natural stone necklaces are often formed from agates, jaspers, onyx and quartz. This means that there are colors from the clear transparency of rock crystal, through a whole spectrum of different shades. Natural stones are not dyed or heat treated to alter the colors and as such the natural beauty is allowed to shine through. Most natural stones will include markings, inclusions or other patterning and every one will be unique. Some stones such as lace agate, have beautiful markings with each stone being a natural miniature work of art.

Buying Natural Stone Necklaces

Natural stone jewelry can be bought from both high street jewelers and from online retailers. It is important when seeking to buy natural stone necklaces to decide the type that you are looking for. The choice is so large that sometimes it can be confusing. It is useful to have a broad idea in mind before starting to look, however it is also important not to be too definite, as being a natural product very often two pieces are never quite the same.

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Many independent or artisan jewelers work with natural stones. They relish the challenge of working with stones that are perhaps not a uniform shape or style. Artisan jewelers will also often be happy to take commissions or produce customized jewelry. This can be a way of finding a unique one of a kind piece of jewelry at an affordable price.

Caring for Natural Stone Jewelry

Natural stones are relatively easy to look after, however they will benefit from regular cleaning. Wiping the stones with a damp cloth will generally be enough, however the supplier will be able to advise of any specialist requirements. It is also important to regularly check the clasps of necklaces and bracelets.

Other Natural Necklaces

As well as natural stones, other natural items are incorporated into jewelry with stunning effect. There is a current trend towards using seeds and dried nuts in jewelry. Nuts such as the tagua nut - which is sometimes referred to as vegetable ivory because of its fine qualities, and the kukui nut are extremely popular. The rich black sheen of the kukui nut often belies its origin.

Seed and nut jewelry can often look very ethnic in style. Necklaces range from short chokers through to long beaded chains that can be worn wrapped round the neck several times, or left to hang loose. There are a wide variety of types of seed and nut jewelry and a complete set of necklace, earrings, bracelet and even rings can be found.

Natural jewelry can be a balance to the busy glitzy world we live in, combining natural beauty with timeless style.

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Natural Stone Necklaces: Guide to the Perfect Piece