Natural Opal Bracelet: What to Know to Buy Confidently

Natural Opal Bracelet

A natural opal bracelet is a wonderful item of jewelry. Opal is a beautiful stone and looks striking when worn on the wrist and complements a variety of styles.

About Bracelets

Bracelets are an extremely versatile item of jewelry and can be found in a huge variety of styles ranging from casual bangles through to delicate linked chains. Bracelets are also one of the most traditional forms of jewelry, with roots stretching back over thousands of years. Over the centuries the styles and fashions have changed, however the key features of a bracelet have stayed the same and that is an item of jewelry that is worn around the wrist.

Bracelets can be made from many materials including gold and silver. Bracelets are also often set with gemstones. When a bracelet is set with a gemstone, it is normal for the bracelet to be created from precious metal that reflects the value of the gemstones. This helps to protect the gemstone and create an overall feel of luxury and quality. One of the exciting features of bracelets is that they can be large and bold making a great canvas for jewelry designers to create unusual and unique items.

Natural Opals

Natural opals are opals that have not been treated and are formed from natural stone. Opals are a fantastic stone as each one is different and natural opal ranges in color and shade from the palest of whites to deep colors. What connects every opal, however, is its 'fire'. This is the name given to the flashes of brilliant color that can be seen in an opal. This fire comes from the way that the opal is formed and is rarely found in synthetic opals.

A feature of natural opals is that they are often cut and shaped in a way that maximizes the beauty of the stone and not following standard shapes or sizes. This means that natural opals can be found in an exceptional range of shapes, colors and sizes.

Opals are a popular gemstone and are often teamed with diamonds. Opal is also the birthstone of October, making it a great gift for people born in this month or as part of an item of family or mother's jewelry.

Types of Natural Opal Bracelets

Natural opal bracelets are a lovely item of jewelry and are often unusual and unique. The style of the bracelet acts as a blank canvas to show off the natural opals, and the designer will have created an item that will be set with one or more opals. As bracelets move around the wrist the opals catch and reflect the light and glimpses of the internal fire will be seen within the stones.

The types of natural opal bracelet are varied:

Bangles: Bangles are bracelets that are solid and to be worn are slid over the wrist. These can look wonderful when set with a large natural opal. The size of a bangle is often quite large and the bold styling complements the natural and organic shapes of opals.

Linked or Segmented Bracelets: These are bracelets that are formed from several pieces or segments, and are linked together. A bracelet like this might contain several links which each contain a piece of opal, or they may showcase a single feature opal. This type of bracelet has a lot of movement and will allow the opals to catch the light.

Chains and Charms: Another popular style of jewelry is chain bracelets or charm bracelets. These can be found with opal beads or carvings attached to the links and make an interesting alternative to traditional styles.

Buying Natural Opal Jewelry

Natural opal jewelry such as bracelets can be found in many specialist jewelry stores. Much of the opal found for use in jewelry is mined in Australia, and therefore stores that specialize in the import of opals or opal jewelry are a good place to start looking. Some interesting online jewelry stores are:

Tips for Buying Opal Bracelets

Here are some useful tips to help make the perfect purchase:

  • Make sure the opals are genuine and not synthetic
  • If possible check the opals for flaws, these may cause the stones to shatter
  • When buying online ask what the return policy is in case you are not completely satisfied when you see the bracelet
  • Check the clasps as these are an essential part of a bracelet and a faulty clasp may result in your precious bracelet being lost
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Natural Opal Bracelet: What to Know to Buy Confidently