Name Necklace Styles & Buying Tips for You

Dog tags make great name jewelry.

A name necklace is such a versatile item of jewelry. It can make a great gift for family, friends and loved ones as well as being a pretty and personal way to show off your own name. What ever the occasion, there are a wide variety of name pendants and necklaces to choose from.

Name jewelry has been popular throughout history. People have long worn items of jewelry with the name of a loved one engraved on it. This has been a special way to keep the thoughts of loved ones close to the heart in days where lack of communication and transport meant that people could be separated from family and friends for months or even years at a time. Name jewelry, such as necklaces, still holds a special place and is fondly regarded by people of all ages. This is because it can be a very personal and special item of jewelry and can also make a wonderful gift. Name necklace jewelry is particularly popular, this is because it is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to make a great accessory for many occasions.

Name Necklace Types

There are many different name necklace types. These include:

  • Pendants - names can either be engraved onto a pendant or the pendant can be formed in the shape of a name. Either way, these can look stunning and are available in precious metals such as gold and silver as well as in low-cost base metals.
  • Charms - charms are very fashionable and can be added to many different types of necklace. Name charms are the perfect way to give any necklace a personal touch. One of the benefits of charms is that they can be swapped from necklace to bracelet to give a different look.
  • Beads - beaded necklaces that spell out a name can look extremely striking. These are great items of fashion jewelry and are available in a variety of styles. Bold primary colors make a strong statement and look fantastic with formal clothes, whereas more neutral colors or plain wood can make a great accessory for less formal styles.
  • Initials - an alternative to having a whole name spelled out on a necklace, is a single initial pendant. This can look extremely elegant and the initial can be formed in a script font which gives a classic styling or a more futuristic style which is great for people looking for high-fashion accessories.
  • Jeweled - jewels, whether real or imitation, give a sparkling finishing touch to many items of jewelry. A name necklace with the initials or name spelled out in jewels is a stunning piece of jewelry.

Buying Name Jewelry

When buying an item of name jewelry such as a name necklace, it is important to take a few things into consideration to avoid future disappointment. These include:


While this may seem obvious, if you are buying a name necklace for someone as a gift you need to be certain that you get the name right. Many people have preferred names or are known by names other than their full name. Teenagers, for instance, often shorten their names in unusual ways. Some families have special family names for each other or special ways of abbreviating a name. Therefore, before buying a necklace with a name or other item of name jewelry it is important to decide which name to use. If in doubt, check with the jeweler whether the item can be exchanged. If an item of jewelry is being engraved then it might be best to check with the recipient before proceeding with the engraving.


With so many different styles available, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the right item of jewelry. When choosing a name pendant or necklace, take into consideration the other items of jewelry that the recipient owns. If this is mainly silver, for instance, you are unlikely to go wrong with a silver name necklace or other item of silver jewelry. Classic styles remain classic because they are timeless. Therefore a classically styled piece of jewelry is always a good option when buying gifts.

A name necklace or other item of name jewelry can make a lovely gift and makes an attractive piece of jewelry.

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Name Necklace Styles & Buying Tips for You