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Men’s Jewelry Pictures to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Crystal Schwanke

Expand Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Men's jewelry pictures may introduce you to types of men's jewelry you never though of before. Are you a man who is looking to expand your wardrobe and add key pieces fro that finishing touch? Are you shopping for a man who could use a few extra accessories? Let the men's jewelry pictures help you make your next accessorizing decision.

A pocket watch is an unexpected but sophisticated addition to the wardrobe.

Watches for Everyone

If the pocket watch isn't your speed, try a regular watch. There is almost no lifestyle you can't find a watch to match. Choose from rugged, high-tech rubber styles or a more office appropriate kinetic style in a brushed metal finish - or anything in-between.

Wedding Rings, Your Style

If a married man wears no other jewelry, he will often at least wear a wedding band. They can be as traditional or untraditional as you'd like. Flip through men's jewelry pictures in the catalogs at fine jewelry stores for an idea of just how many types are available.

Cuff Links Finish the Look

Cuff links are a beautiful finishing touch to a dress shirt for a special event or for going to the office. The come in so many colors and styles, you could accumulate a large collection if you decide you really like jewelry.

A Single Earring

While men don't usually sport the array of earrings women do, a diamond stud could be an eye-catching effect on a man.

Function and Ease

Tie clips are functional and easy to use. They're a nice alternative to the tie tack but perform a similar task. Choose from many different types.

Don't Neglect the Necklaces

An often overlooked type of jewelry for men is the necklace. They range from delicate gold chains to chunkier beach-inspired styles like the one shown here.

Make Sure They Match!

If you're interested in building up a business jewelry wardrobe, be sure that your pieces coordinate well. try to skip mixing too many types of metals, for example. Don't be afraid, however, to make your jewelry your own; let it make a statement, even it it's done subtly.

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Men’s Jewelry Pictures to Inspire Your Wardrobe