3 Men’s Silver Cuff Bracelet Types

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Men's silver cuff bracelets are a type of jewelry that can easily be worn by men of all ages. With the wide variety of styles and designs available there is certain to be a silver cuff bracelet that will be perfect for every taste.

Difference Between a Cuff Bracelet and a Bangle

A cuff bracelet is an oval shaped rigid or semi rigid bracelet with an opening that allows it to slide onto the side of the wrist instead of over the hand. Some cuff bracelets are completely closed but have a hinged, or other type of closure, that opens so the bracelet can be slid onto the side of the wrist. The shaping of the cuff bracelet allows it to sit snuggly against the wrist. A bangle bracelet is rigid and is put on by sliding it over the hand.

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets for Men

Many men like silver cuff bracelets that are sleek, clean and modern. Others enjoy the look of free formed bracelets, or those with designs or gemstones. Whichever look you prefer, a sterling silver cuff bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry. It will look just as good with pair of jeans and a tee shirt as it will when you are ready for a night on the town.

Men's Designer Silver Cuff Bracelet with Gemstones

Jewelry artist Nancy Bernardine creates one of a kind elegant sterling silver cuff bracelets. In her hand crafted jewelry she incorporates natural gemstones into glistening silver with 14K gold trim accents. Several of her designs include:

Engravable Cuff Bracelets

Etsy offers elegant silver cuff bracelets in a variety of styles that can be engraved on the inside. Their bracelets are all hand crafted and come at a price to fit nearly any budget. The designs range from sleek and simple cuffs to more ornately engraved bracelets.

Native American Designed Silver Cuff Bracelets for Men

Turquoise cuff bracelet

There are many beautiful sterling silver cuff bracelets for men designed by Native American artists. The bracelets are crafted in elegant sterling silver. Some have intricate Native American designs and are set with stones such as turquoise and coral. The gemstones that are used in Southwest Native American jewelry have special spiritual significance and meaning. The gemstones and their meanings include:

  • Turquoise - promotes healing and good luck
  • Hematite - revitalize and energize the bloodstream
  • Jasper - protects against negativity and is healing
  • Malachite - clarifies emotions, facilitates insight and removes obstructions
  • Aventurine - releases fear or anxiety and boosts tranquility
  • Amethyst - conducts peaceful energy and aids intuition
  • Rhodonite - promotes positive thinking

Navajo Cuff Bracelets

Navajo jewelry is one of the most highly recognized of all of the Southwest Indian tribes. Several examples of Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelets include:

Hopi Style Cuff Bracelets

Designed by well known Navajo jewelry designers Kenneth and Mary Bill, this elegant men's cuff bracelet is a beautiful example of Hopi style design. The hand crafted bracelet is sterling silver with a 12K gold overlay and is priced at $200.

More Native American Silver Cuff Bracelets for Men

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you prefer the look of sleek, hammered or designed sterling silver, a men's silver cuff bracelet is elegant and easy to wear.

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3 Men’s Silver Cuff Bracelet Types