Men’s Shell Necklaces for a Beachy Vibe

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Men's shell necklaces make a wonderful casual fashion accessory that is usually paired with informal warm weather clothing. But you don't have to be on a beach on a sunny day to enjoy the beauty of an eye-catching shell necklace.

Shell Necklaces in History

Throughout history shell necklaces have been worn by men. For example, in the Southern hemisphere the shell necklaces worn by men on most of the islands were not only considered decorative body jewelry, they also indicated the particular group or tribe the men belonged to. The shells on the necklaces also had religious significance distinguishing the healer of the village from the rest of the community.

Shell Necklaces for the Man of Today

There is a wide selection of shell necklaces available for men today. The many styles and shell designs, combined with the vast assortment of shell choices, results in shell necklaces that are strikingly attractive.

Puka Shell Necklaces

The most popular shell necklace for men is made from puka shell chips. These beautiful white shell necklaces can be custom made in lengths from 13 to 25 inches at Dandl Creations and are priced between $5.25 - $7.50.

If you would like to have a puka shell necklace reminiscent of the 1970s style Dandl Creations also offers one in the same custom lengths. The puka shells are medium in size, measuring 3/8 to ½ inch wide and the necklace can be ordered plain or with a fossilized shark's tooth attached as a charm. The cost of 1970s style puka shell necklace is $11.95 - $13.95 with $1.00 extra for the shark's tooth. Puka shells and semi precious stone chips are combined to create necklaces that are a handsome combination and will surely be noticed. The combinations include:

  • Puka with rose quartz
  • Puka with malachite
  • Puka with turquoise
  • Puka with goldstone
  • Puka with garnet
  • Puka with blackstone

Other beautiful puka shell necklaces for men are made of tiger, dyed blue denim, brown and orange puka shells. The types and colors of shells can be varied in a custom-made necklaces creating beautiful designs and color patterns.

Cowrie Shell Necklaces

Cowrie shells make an excellent choice for a man's necklace. The shells can be strung on the necklace in a vertical or horizontal pattern which gives the necklace a completely different look. Often cowrie shells are combined with hemp to create a casual and striking design.

Several examples of cowrie shell necklaces can be found at the web pages listed below:

  • Parallel design cowrie shells on a leather choker from Rock Candles
  • Africa Imports has a wide variety of cowrie shell necklaces.

Hammer Shell Necklaces

Hammer shells necklaces are generally made of small chips that can be left natural in various uneven shapes or rounded for a smooth even finish. The hammer shells are often dyed to create necklaces in striking color combinations. Sarah's Creations offers a handsome hammer shell necklace that is 17.5 inches long.

More Shell Necklaces for Men

Other types of shells that are used for men's necklaces include:


Men's shell necklaces once thought of as an item of jewelry limited to tropical islands, surfers and sunny beaches have now earned their rightful place in the jewelry world as a fashion accessory to be worn and enjoyed by men all over the world.

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Men’s Shell Necklaces for a Beachy Vibe