Custom Jewelry for Men That Adds a Personal Touch

Customized belt buckles are popular for men.

Men's custom jewelry makes a great gift for a friend or yourself! It may seem expensive, but since you have some control over the materials and how much labor is involved, the price can come close to buying something new.

Men's Custom Jewelry

There are different levels of customization. You can start with a simple engraving or decide to create a piece entirely from scratch using materials you choose yourself. Whatever method you decide to go with, it's a way to make sure that your jewelry is exactly what you want.

Surface Embellishment

Surface embellishment is the most basic and popular way to create men's custom jewelry. Most larger chain stores provide this service at an affordable cost. Many stores offer free customization if you're purchasing a wedding or anniversary ring.


You can engrave nearly any flat surface on nearly any piece of jewelry, though the results last longest if you choose a surface that won't receive much wear. If the engraving wears away you can always have it redone, so don't let that keep you from customizing the inside of a ring. On a large piece, such as a belt buckle or a pocket watch, you can engrave amazing levels of detail.

Jewelers can either hand engrave (which includes using a hand operated engraving machine) or machine engrave. Machine engraving, most commonly available for rings, is consistent and usually more affordable. You are limited to the fonts and symbols the machine is programmed to engrave. Hand engraving gives you much more flexibility but is more time consuming.



Another way to create men's custom jewelry is to stamp it. Stamping "prints" a surface with either designs or textures. It is very common in Western style jewelry and most effective for belt buckles, bolo ties, watch bands or tips, or money clips.

Selecting Stones and Settings

Most stones available for jewelry come in standard sizes. Most manufactured ring, tie clip, and cuff link settings use these standard sizes. This means that if you see a ring style you like but dislike the stone, or vice-versa, you can pick and choose for your men's custom jewelry. Manufacturers also make the same design in different metals, so you can have the same piece in white or yellow gold or silver.

Lowering Your Price Point

Since stones, settings and metals are interchangeable, this is an effective way to change the price of a design that you like.

  • Check to see if the jeweler can order or even make the setting with another metal or stone.
  • You can lower the price of a setting by using a lower karat of gold such as 14 instead of 18.
  • To reduce the price even more, substitute titanium for platinum or sterling silver for white gold.

Most independent jewelers offer this service, but some of the chains do as well. You may need to wait for a special order, though. This can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


Men's Custom Jewelry Design

The next level of complexity in men's custom jewelry is to design it either from scratch or from images of other pieces you like. You could recreate a piece of antique Western jewelry, for example, or have a jeweler design a piece around a stone or a fossil that is meaningful to you. The jeweler can also create a three-dimensional piece for a ring, bracelet, pendant, or belt buckle. He makes a wax mold and then casts it in the metal you choose. This is very effective for animals, such as eagles, or symbols. Typically, only independent jewelers provide this service.

Custom Materials

If you want the ultimate in men's custom jewelry, you can create a piece of jewelry with not only the stone or design that you've selected yourself, but from metals that you provide. For example, you might use your father's wedding ring to make your own. Some independent jewelers specialize in this service, particularly those who already offer custom design.

You can have fun designing your own men's custom jewelry. Shop around for the best prices and ask the designer to see some samples of his work before contracting him to create your dream.

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Custom Jewelry for Men That Adds a Personal Touch