Memorial Teardrop Pendant Meaning & 5 Designs

Memorial tear pearl pendant and rose

A memorial teardrop pendant is a beautifully symbolic piece of jewelry that can become a treasured keepsake of a loved one who has passed away. From the classic rose teardrop to more modern designs, there is a teardrop option to commemorate each of your loved ones.

About the Memorial Tear

The original Memorial Tear - a stylized teardrop with a blooming rose etched within it - was designed by Kathy Bernu during a time in her life when she found herself grieving and without a symbol of her loved ones to cherish. After sketching many tears, she created the integral design with the rose based on the Bible passage Corinthians 13:8, 13 and the idea that love never dies but instead continues into eternity. Engraved in precious gold or silver, the Memorial Tear represents that love in an everlasting way linked with the romance and love of a rose that will never wilt.

The classic Memorial Tear is one of the most popular remembrance pendants, but there are many similar designs to choose from if this popular motif is not the best style for your memories.

Memorial Teardrop Pendant Designs

In addition to the classic rose and teardrop design, there are many memorial pendants that feature a teardrop shape. Popular design elements include?

  • Urns: A tear-shaped locket or urn is a lovely way to keep a lock of hair, pinch of ashes, or small picture of your loved one close to your heart.
  • Memorial Symbols: While a rose is a popular symbol to include on a memorial pendant, equally suitable symbols are angels, doves, hearts, and crosses.
  • Gemstones: A single diamond can represent the eternal soul of the departed, or a birthstone may be used as an accent to the teardrop to give it a personal connection to that someone special.
  • Infinity Designs: A teardrop paved with diamonds or gemstones can represent not only the earthly journey of life, but also the eternal circle that each life is a part of.
  • Crystal Tears: Instead of a metal teardrop accented with an engraving or a gemstone, the entire pendant may be a crystal or gem fashioned into a tear shape. Tumbled rocks such as quartz and turquoise are also used, as are tear-shaped pearls.

Other Memorial Tear Jewelry

While tear pendants are the most popular type of memorial jewelry because they can be worn near the heart, many similar designs are also available as earrings, pins, rings, and bracelet charms. When choosing a piece of jewelry to commemorate a loved one, it is important to choose not only a design that represents them and their relationship with you, but also to choose a type of jewelry that you will wear frequently in their honor.

Where to Find Memorial Tear Pendants

Many retailers offer Memorial Tear and other sympathy jewelry designs. A limited selection may be available from local specialty retailers, but a greater range of designs can be found online, from merchants such as:

Journey tear drop
Tear Drop Journey Pendant on

The cost of a memorial teardrop pendant can range from $15 to $500 or higher depending on the size of the piece, the materials it is made from, and the quality of its construction. Many types of memorial jewelry also come with display cases so they can be kept looking their best even if they are not being worn.

Teardrop Pendant Alternatives

If a tear pendant isn't the right type of jewelry for you or the loved one it is meant to represent, there are many other options that can be just as meaningful, such as:

  • Birthstone solitaire pendants
  • Half of a mother/child or best friend pendant
  • A heart locket or pendant
  • A crucifix or other religious jewelry
  • A ring of a loved one suspended on a simple cord or chain
  • A brooch or piece of jewelry for a related cause, such as a breast cancer research pendant, in honor of a loved one lost to that disease

A Fitting Tribute

A memorial teardrop pendant can be an elegant, symbolic piece of jewelry to commemorate a loved one. Regardless of the design, cost, or type of jewelry, if it is worn with genuine love and remembrance of someone special, it will be a fitting tribute to their memory. For help with grieving and related issues, visit LoveToKnow Death and Dying.

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Memorial Teardrop Pendant Meaning & 5 Designs