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May Birthstone Background & Buying Tips

Emerald Earrings

The beautiful green precious gemstone, emerald, is the May birthstone. This makes a truly special piece of jewelry for someone born in the fifth month of the year.

The May birthstones, emeralds, are known for their distinctive green color. The emerald stone ranges in color and clarity from a light milky green through to a clear and sharp dark green. One little known fact about emeralds is the rarity of unmarked stones. Most emeralds feature small inclusions that can look like tiny black dots or cloudy patches. A completely clear emerald is one of the most rare stones in the world. This is often a good way to detect fake emeralds, as a completely clear stone is out of the price range of most people.

Buying May Birthstone Jewelry

Emerald jewelry is often set in distinctive styles. Emeralds are normally cut in the style of stone cutting that takes its name from the stone - the emerald cut. This is a rectangular style. It is possible with a little perseverance, however, to find emeralds cut in any shape. May birthstone jewelry is available in many different styles. Earrings, necklaces and rings are all popular styles of jewelry and look marvelous when set with emeralds.

Most jewelry stores sell emerald jewelry. The range often extends from lower cost items that are made from sterling silver through to high end items that are created using gold such as emerald earrings or emerald rings. The type of jewelry chosen will depend on personal preference and budget.

Emeralds can look stunning when teamed with other gemstones. Emeralds and opals, for instance, are an attractive combination and are perfect for someone looking for something a little different.

Giving Emerald Birthstone Jewelry

The distinctive green color of the May birthstone lends itself to creative gift wrap and presentation styles. Keep a look out for bright green gift wrap or green gift bags to follow the theme through. Emerald green ribbons or bows are another way to coordinate the gift and packing, making the presentation that little bit extra special.

The May birthstone of emerald will bring people born that month luck and good fortune as well as providing a great opportunity for stunning looking jewelry.

May Birthstone Background & Buying Tips