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March Birthstone: What Is It (and What Does It Mean)?

Aquamarine Gemstones

Imagine the beautiful azure blue waters of the Mediterranean or Caribbean, transformed into exquisite gemstones -- and you'll know the colors of the March birthstone, aquamarine.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, part of the beryl family of gemstones, ranges in color from light sky blue to vibrant blue green. Although all shades of this beautiful gemstone are desirable, many people prefer jewelry made with rich clear aqua blue gems. These gems look equally stunning set in white or yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver. Aquamarine jewelry pieces are available in a vast array of gorgeous styles and designs. This magnificent gemstone is a perfect choice to pair with casual or evening wear.

Giving someone a gift of an aquamarine is a symbol of security and safety in the relationship. If your relationship needs a boost, an aquamarine gift may rekindle the sparks of a renewed love.

The Legend of the Aquamarine

Aquamarine derives its name from two Roman words for seawater, aqua meaning water and mare meaning sea. The beautiful shades of blue and blue-green of aquamarine gems truly resembles the clear, sparkling cerulean waters of the Roman's Mediterranean Sea.

According to legend, the Romans of ancient times believed aquamarines washed ashore from the sea after falling from jewel boxes that belonged to the sirens. They believed these beautiful gemstones were sacred to the god of the sea, Neptune.

Many people believe wearing an aquamarine gemstone provides courage and sharpens the mind. Some also believe this magnificent looking gemstone cures laziness and brings happiness to the wearer. In ancient times people believed aquamarine gems provided everlasting youth.

The Alternate Birthstone for March: Bloodstone

Also known as martyr's stone and heliotrope, bloodstone is an opaque quartz in a beautiful deep dark green color with speckles of red spots scattered throughout. This gorgeous gemstone received its name from the ancient legend that the red flecks came from Christ's blood during the crucifixion as it spilled onto green jasper.

Bloodstone symbolizes courage and protection. Many people believe this unique stone has medicinal qualities providing relief from problems of the circulatory system, easing and soothing the mind and increasing overall energy.

Where to Find Aquamarine Jewelry Online

The following online jewelry stores offer a wide selection of aquamarine jewelry.

Choose Your Favorite

The beautiful March birthstone, aquamarine, is an elegant gemstone with blue hues that rival those found in nature. The alternative, bloodstone is a unique alternative for those with a March birthday.

March Birthstone: What Is It (and What Does It Mean)?