What Makes MagicPearls Jewelry So Unique?

Pearl inside an open oyster

MagicPearls jewelry has a very unique and artistic appeal and has been patented by Caricia Jewelry.

MagicPearls Jewelry Defined

Caricia Jewelry is a world renowned jewelry company known for its goldsmiths and creative designers. The company holds a world-wide patent for MagicPearls Jewels.

Creating MagicPearls Jewelry

MagicPearls are so unique because of how they are created. The Caricia website describes how the jewelers remove any imperfections they may find in the pearls. This is done by painstakingly cutting the flaws out of the pearl and then replacing them with various gemstones that have been cut to fit the vacated space. The gems are cut with an artistic flair, and once inserted into the pearl, they create a striking and very unique design and style. As a finishing touch to the pearls, the jeweler re-establishes the pearl so the gem looks as though it's encased within the overall size of the pearl and you are only getting glimpses of the whole gem. All of this is done through Caricia's patented process.

Final Result

The final result of this process is quite beautiful. These magical jewels look like pearls but have slivers and various shapes of gemstones peeking through the pearl. When you first look at one of the MagicPearls, it appears that the gem is pushing its way through the pearl in an effort to burst forth. The truly unique appeal of a MagicPearls gem is that the embedded gemstone and pearl have a sculpted look that's extraordinary and elegant.

Are MagicPearls Really Magical?

When you visit the Caricia website you'll quickly discover the mystique behind these pearls. Many of the designs use a combination of pearls, gemstones, diamonds, and gold. For centuries, many people have touted the healing powers of crystals and gems. The company has tapped into the belief that gemstones hold a secret power. They have successfully used this mystique as a marketing approach -- one that's instilled an air of fantasy and captured consumer's imaginations. Whether or not the gemstones and crystals hold healing powers, you'll quickly fall in love with the unique and enchanting design of MagicPearls.

No Two Pearls Alike

In nature, no two pearls are alike, and the same is true for MagicPearls. Each piece has its own special design and look. The jewelers approach the creation of MagicPearls by combining pearls with gems as an unfolding of a fantasy story. Each pearl has a tale and once revealed, you can share in the story when you purchase MagicPearls.

Caricia Jewelry and MagicPearls Jewels

If you want to purchase MagicPearls, you may be disappointed to learn that you can't simply go to the company website and purchase them. These pearls and all other Caricia jewels are sold exclusively at the Caricia Jewelry store, which is located in Berlin, Germany. The Caricia Jewelry store is located near the historic Gendarmenmarkt, a famous eighteenth century German market square. While you can't purchase the pearls online, you can view the MagicPearls photo gallery on the Caricia Jewelry website.

Shopping at Caricia for MagicPearls

The company website refers to the shopping experience at the Berlin store as an Event and guarantees you'll be pampered by a very attentive and well-trained staff. If traveling to Berlin is not something in your foreseeable future and you wish to purchase MagicPearls either for yourself or as a gift, you may want to investigate the Caricia company website for more information.

If you're looking for a special, one-of-a-kind jewelry design, you may want to consider MagicPearls. Although it's not easy to find these lovely creations, you will treasure them for a lifetime.

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What Makes MagicPearls Jewelry So Unique?