Macrame Bracelets

Turquoise macrame bracelet

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Macramé bracelets are simple designs that use a variety of materials and knots to create unique jewelry pieces. The most basic macramé consists of a few knotted cords, though beads are often strung along the bracelet to add a focal point and decorative detail.

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Natural Jade Bead Yellow Knot-Linked Bracelet
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Macramé Bracelets

Colored cords can add flair to a simply designed bracelet. Beads in coordinating colors can complete the design, making it a staple to accessorize your wardrobe.

Sterling Silver Yoga Macrame Bracelet
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Simple Macramé

A simple macramé bracelet design may use one large bead, disc, or charm as a focal point. Coordinated beads at the end of the adjustable bracelet add additional color while keeping the jewelry simple and natural.

Leather macrame on
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Leather Weaves

For a bolder look, try a macramé design using multiple leather cords woven together to make a thicker band. This type of bracelet can have a great deal of texture by using different weaving and knotting patterns, but it is still elegant because it does not feature multiple colors, beads, or other distracting accents.

Macrame bracelet with beads on
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Multiple Beads

Macramé techniques are often used to bind together several identical beads for a colorful yet coordinated bracelet. Because many macramé designs use silk, hemp, or leather cords, they are lovely with peace sign icons or natural symbols such as animals or flowers.

Gemstone macrame bracelet
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Gemstone Bracelet

A gemstone can be used as the focal point of a macramé design, with two separate sections of cord knotted on each side to form the band. Using cord in a coordinated color completes the look.

Hand-Tied Natural Jade Bell Flower Bracelet
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Macramé Charms

A macramé design can become a charm bracelet when coordinating charms are dangled from the knots in the bracelet's basic structure. To keep the bracelet simple, it is best to only use one or two charms that match the rest of the beading and materials used in the jewelry.

Beaded macrame
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Beaded Macramé

Thin cords and a large number of beads turn a simple macramé design into a more elegant piece of beaded jewelry. For the best effect, this type of design works well with large beads strung along delicate cords in a repeating pattern for the entire length of the bracelet.

Metal macrame bracelet on
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Metal Macramé

Trendy designer jewelry can also use macramé techniques to add knots to basic chain bracelets. Thin chains or cords of silver, gold, or other metals can be knotted for a macramé-style bracelet that has the edginess of an elegant designer look.

Braided Beads
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Braided Beads

Small seed beads or other accents can fill the cords of a macramé design to give it more dimension, contrasting colors, and a bolder look. Coconut shell beads are especially popular because they still have the natural appeal common to macramé, but they give the bracelet a more modern touch.

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Make Your Macramé

If you can't find macramé bracelets you like, it is easy to learn this jewelry making technique so you can create your own fun, personalized designs. Check your local book stores, craft stores, and artisan boutiques for how-to books and classes for making macramé.

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Macrame Bracelets