Luna Moth Jewelry Designs & Care Tips

Luna Moth Jewelry

Jewelry aficionados who also love nature and all its glorious creatures, truly admire the beauty of luna moth jewelry. Luna moths are one of the precious natural gifts of nature and many jewelry designers and artists create stunning jewelry from the luna moth's preserved wings. Other artists inspired by this lovely moth, design jewelry in various materials like sterling silver, glass, enamel, wood, paper, and other materials.

The Luna Moth

The luna moth is a large, pale green moth with a wingspan of nearly 4 inches. They are a particularly striking moth and both males and females are green with no eye spots like other moths and butterflies. Adult luna moths, like most other moths, do not have mouthparts and consequently cannot eat. With a short lifespan of only one week, the luna moth's sole purpose in life is to reproduce. The luna moth represents wisdom and the beauty of the night.

If you are interested in the real luna moth's preserved wings in your jewelry, it is important to choose luna moth jewelry only from reputable sources which are not collecting luna moths from the wild. Luna moths should never be intentionally harmed, endangered, or illegally acquired. Conscientious jewelry artists and designers normally acquire expired lunas from butterfly exhibits or from legitimate butterfly farms that raise their insects for museums, educational purposes, and entomologists. Some jewelry artists collect expired luna moths from Spring to late Autumn along roadsides, if their wings are intact and in good condition.

The painstaking process of preservation of real luna moth wings takes several hours and days to complete and the resulting luna moth jewelry is truly enchanting. No two pieces are ever alike so your piece of jewelry is totally unique.

Sources of Luna Moth Jewelry

There are many places to purchase preserved luna moth jewelry and jewelry inspired by luna moths made from a variety of materials. The following jewelry pieces capture the stunning beauty of luna moths:

  • Pendants are fabulous accessories and you can achieve a host of different looks with just one preserved luna moth wing pendant from Daydream Oddities. Hang it on a green silk cord, black leather cord, sterling silver chain, or choker form to enhance any ensemble.
  • Glass luna moths are particularly gorgeous as the semi-opacity of glass plays up the pale green so nicely. Paired with a gold-fill chain and accented by a diamond, a glass luna moth pendant from Wings and Stings works well with the most dressy outfit.
  • Handcrafted by fusing kiln-fired glass and sterling silver, this heirloom quality luna moth pin is simply beautiful. Your purchase from Bamboo Jewelry comes packaged in eco-friendly packaging.

How To Care for Your Preserved Luna Moth Wing Jewelry

The preserved luna moth wings are covered in a UV protected, crystal-clear resin that is extremely durable and in most cases will last for years - long enough to make your jewelry into treasured family heirlooms. The following tips will help you maintain the brilliant beauty of your jewelry:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or artificial lighting
  • Do not expose to high temperatures
  • To avoid scratching, store your jewelry in jewelry boxes or original packaging in a cool dry place when not being worn
  • A quick cleanse with soap and water or a jeweler's cloth is all you need to keep the jewelry clean therefore avoid commercial jewelry cleaners or any abrasives
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, or other household cleansers, remember to remove your jewelry before washing dishes, swimming, showering, and bathing
  • Avoid even wearing the jewelry in a hot, humid bathroom or out on a hot beach as heat and humidity may discolor the luna moth wings
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Luna Moth Jewelry Designs & Care Tips