9 Love Knot Necklace Styles You’ll Adore

Love Knot Pendant

The love knot necklace is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry. Traditionally meant to represent never-ending love, the necklace is appropriate for lovers, mothers, daughters and friends. Both infinity and bow styles are available. Either option will complement any wardrobe choice.

Infinity Style

The Infinity love knot necklace features multiple loops and circles intertwined with each other to represent the never-ending circle of love. It comes in three different designs.

Layered Circle Design

This simple and clean design is comprised of multiple, interlocking circles.

  • Blue Nile Love Knot Pendant
    Blue Nile Love Knot Pendant
    Blue Nile carries layered circle love knot pendants in sterling silver and platinum. Both are on an 18" chain in their respective metals. The sterling silver necklace sells for $65 and the platinum necklace sells for $975. Blue Nile offers free two-day shipping with overnight shipping rates for $4. They have a 30-day return policy.
  • JC Penney offers a circle infinity knot necklace in 10k yellow gold with center diamond accents that make the circles really sparkle. The necklace is on an 18" chain and sells for about $130. They have free standard shipping on orders over $75. JC Penney has a 60-day return policy on jewelry.

Rounded, Three Dimensional Design

This knot necklace resembles a round ball of woven circles.

  • Small Knot Necklace
    Cross Jewelers Small Knot Necklace
    Cross Jewelers carries the rounded, three dimensional circle design in sterling silver. The necklace is available in small, medium, or large knot sizes, with retail prices ranging from $95 to $225. They also offer eight variations in 14k yellow gold. Knot sizes range from small to extra-large and can be purchased with or without a diamond in the center. The small knot without a diamond retails for $565 and the extra-large knot with a diamond retails for $3,750. All sizes are on an 18" chain, though other sizes may be available. They offer free delivery within the U.S. and have a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Ross-Simons has an extensive selection of this type of love knot necklace 14k yellow and white gold and sterling silver. They have a few styles with small diamonds encrusted throughout the loops and some with no diamonds. The gold knots with diamonds range from $3,150 to $6,500 and the ones without diamonds range from around $275 to $800. The sterling silver knot is sold with earrings for $98. You can choose an 18" or 16" chain. Ross-Simon offers free standard shipping. They have a 30-day money back guarantee, though you must call first and receive a return confirmation number.

Elongated Loop Style

This style features a long loop slipped through itself for a lavaliere look.

  • Everlon Diamond Love Knot Necklace
    Everlon Diamond Love Knot Necklace

    Kranich's has a great selection of the elongated loop style in 14k white and yellow gold, 10k yellow gold, and sterling silver. All metal types feature a single diamond nestled in the loop of the knot. Diamond shapes available are the round and the princess cut. Diamond weights vary from 1/4 carat total weight to 3/4 carat total weight with the weight determining the price. Some styles have small diamonds encrusting the outside of the loop. Prices range from $145 to around $7,550. Military discounts are available. Free shipping is offered on all items over $100. They have a 30-day return policy.

  • Zales has an elongated loop or infinity style of love knot necklace with 1/10 carat total weight of blue and white diamonds accenting the loop on an 18" chain. The necklace sells for around $150. Zales has free shipping with no minimum purchase required. They have a 60-day return policy and returns can be done via mail or in-store.

Bow Style

This style of a love knot features a dainty, looped bow attached to a chain.

  • Sterling Forever has a bow design love knot in sterling silver on a 16" chain with a 2" extender tab. The necklace retails for under $60. They have a 60-day, money back guarantee policy, and offer free U.S. shipping on all orders over $50.

  • Etsy has this bow design necklace to be given to bridesmaids by the bride for helping her 'tie the knot'. It is available in a gold-filled and bronze style. The necklace is available in chain lengths from 13 inches through 22 inches. The base price is about $26.

Stylish and Beautiful Design

Love knot necklaces are very stylish and are a heart-felt give for any woman. While they make a touching and thoughtful gift, women shouldn't hesitate to buy their own. Think of them as the right-hand-diamond ring for the neck.

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