Lightning Bolt Pendant Meaning + 8 Striking Styles

Pave Lightning Bolt
Lightning bolts make bold pendants.

A lightning bolt pendant can be a bold and distinctive piece of jewelry to complement a daring wardrobe. With rich symbolism and many designs to choose from, you can easily add a bolt of beauty to your jewelry collection.

Lightning Bolt Symbolism

A lightning bolt is an instantly recognizable symbol of power. General lightning bolt shapes, whether they have two or three jags, have multiple meanings including supernatural power and the beauty and power of nature. Navajo mythology associates lightning bolts with salvation and the presentation of divine gifts, while Greek mythology associates the lightning bolt with the god Zeus and his incredible power and vengeance. Modern interpretations of the lightning bolt include the appearance of God in the Exodus story, where the lightning bolt represents the blinding light of truth.

Lightning bolts are also common symbols in popular culture. One of the most well known lightning bolts is the famed Harry Potter scar, while others include the Grateful Dead skull, the mark of power for Disney's Bolt superdog, the fire of the San Diego Chargers, and the flirty fire of Playboy.

Who Wears Lightning Bolts

A lightning bolt necklace can be a great piece of jewelry for anyone to wear, though they are popular with fans of the pop culture lightning symbols. Goth and emo followers also choose lightning bolts for their edgy designs, and Wiccan practitioners may wear a lightning bolt as a powerful celestial symbol. Furthermore, anyone interested in a unique, stylish, edgy pendant may opt for a lightning bolt to give their jewelry a little jolt.

Lightning Bolt Pendant Designs

Lightning bolt necklaces come in a range of designs, with many choices to find one that suits your style. Options include:

  • Gold or silver metal, or multi-tone pendants
  • Solid bolts or those with hollow centers
  • Bolts with detailed edges or textures, such as hammered or polished metal
  • Pave styles encrusted with diamonds, cubic zirconia or gemstones
  • Plain bolts or those attached to clouds
  • More daring designs that feature skulls or use the bolt as a dagger blade
  • Bolts with curved ends or other stylized details
  • Bolts integrated into the chain and pointing toward a larger central pendant

Lightning pendants and charms can be attached to metal chains, silk or leather cords as desired.

More Lightning Bolt Jewelry

If you like the look of a lightning bolt but a pendant isn't the right choice for you, there are other options. Lightning bolts can also be found in different earrings, bracelets, Italian charms, and belly rings. With the simplicity of the lightning bolt icon, it is also possible to create a matching jewelry set with different pieces.

Where to Buy Lightning Bolt Jewelry

Lightning bolt jewelry isn't likely to be carried by many mainstream jewelers, but alternative stores and those that carry a range of goth accessories may have a selection to choose from. Online retailers also carry lightning bolt designs, with a much wider selection of choices, prices, and quality. Online merchants with lightning bolt pieces include:

  • Art Beads: Simple sterling silver lightning bolt charm.
  • Amazon: Sterling silver lightning bolt pendant.
  • Purplemoon: Grateful Dead lightning bolt design set in sterling silver.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning bolt pendants.
  • Prince of Diamonds: Lightning bolt piercing a cloud.

Depending on the merchant, the quality of the piece, and the materials it is constructed from, a lightning bolt necklace or pendant can cost from $10 to $250 or higher. When purchasing any jewelry, always check return policies and other sales conditions before buying.

A lightning bolt pendant is an edgy, daring choice of jewelry, but there are many designs available to add a jolt to your fashions.

Lightning Bolt Pendant Meaning + 8 Striking Styles