Engraved Leather Bracelets: Guide to Personalized Style

Leather bracelet

Leather engraved bracelets are a fun, casual style of jewelry.

Fashionable Leather Engraved Bracelets

Say what you will about leather, but decade after decade it remains in style. Sure, that style tends to vary a bit; sometimes cowboy chic is in, other times it hard core biker style. The bottom line: it's all still leather.

Leather engraved bracelets are currently enjoying renewed popularity in a variety of styles, including charm bracelets, ID wristbands, and more. You can choose wide wrist cuffs or slender strip bracelets secured by snaps, buckles or a variety of other jewelry clasps.

Color Choices

In the good old days, your leather choices were usually limited to shades of brown and black. Today, it's a different story, and you can find leather and suede bracelets in a rainbow of colors. While men may still prefer the basic shades, women and teens love the opportunity to sport leather wristbands in shades from pink to orange, blue to green, and nearly any other shade you can imagine.

Engraving Methods

The old-fashioned method of embossing leather by hammering it with a wood or metal die is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, leather bracelets are engraved the high-tech way with laser etching. This method gives the engraver greater freedom to create a more custom design if it's called for.

What to Have Engraved?

What can you have engraved on your leather bracelet? You can have just about anything that will fit in the space allowed.

Popular choices include:

  • Your full name
  • Just your initials
  • Your sweetie's name
  • Your best friend's name, or maybe a set of Best Friends Forever bracelets engraved with both of your names
  • A short, meaningful phrase
  • Your school name
  • Your crew's name

The fun part is, you're not totally limited to just having words engraved on your leather. You can go for images and logos as well, as long as your engraver can handle your request. This is something to talk about before you make your purchase, so you won't be disappointed by limitations later.

Size Before You Shop

Although some manufacturers offer adjustable sizing, you're probably going to need to measure your wrist to figure out the current size you'll need for a leather bracelet.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist at the exact point you want your bracelet to rest. Some people prefer a tight fit at the smallest point above the wrist bones; other people like their leather to rest below the wrist bones just above the hand. The choice is yours really; just adjust the tape measure until you find a fit that feels right, then jot down the number and keep it handy until it's time to order.

if you don't have a tape measure, just substitute a piece of string, and once you've got the fit you want, cut the string where it meets and measure the length with a ruler. It really couldn't be more simple.

Leather Jewelry Retailers

We've covered fashion and sizing, now it's time to take an online tour of leather jewelers.

Thoughtful Impressions

Whether you're a man or woman, you're bound to find an engravable leather bracelet you love at Thoughtful Impressions. The store offers many bracelet styles, including casual strand bracelets with stainless steel clasps, men's leather wristbands, and leather bracelets with engravable friendship plates.

Dillon Rogers

Dillon Rogers is your source for personalized engraved leather bracelets. Choose your style, size and color, then design the engraving for your bracelet using up to 45 characters. It's absolutely fun!

Personalized Name Bracelet

Personalized Name Bracelet carries premium leather bracelets in a number of styles, ranging from plain leather bands to those embellished with floral leather cut-outs. Free name engraving with any purchase.

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Engraved Leather Bracelets: Guide to Personalized Style