Buying Guide for Large Estate Quartz Rings

Estate Amethyst Quartz Ring

While quartz jewelry in itself is beautiful, large estate quartz rings are something else altogether. With styles that take us back to years gone by, large estate jewelry says, "Look at me!"

Estate Quartz Rings

How are estate quartz rings different from other kinds of jewelry? In the past estate jewelry came from the estate of someone who had passed on, hence the name. Today the name simply implies secondhand jewelry. Estate rings are not necessarily antique, although the term is sometimes used in place of or alongside the term antique rings. Many people value estate quartz rings for their unique appearance. While modern quartz jewelry tends to follow trends, estate quartz rings were created for fashions that have long faded, giving them a markedly different look from the quartz jewelry seen in the display cases of every other jewelry shop in town.

About Quartz

So is it hard to find quartz? Hardly - quartz is the most common mineral on earth! Different forms of quartz have been given different names based on the crystal structure or color of the particular stone. You might be surprised at the number of common gem stones that are actually forms of quartz. Here's a list of some of the more common forms of quartz used in rings today:

Large Quartz Rings

When purchasing colorful quartz estate rings, many people feel that "the bigger the better" is the way to go. Fortunately, because quartz stones fall under the semi-precious category they tend to be less costly and a piece of jewelry with a large, eye-catching stone can be quite affordable. Buying a sterling silver quartz ring rather than gold can bring the price tag down even more.

Where to Buy Large Estate Quartz Rings

So now that you're ready to buy, where should you go? The great thing about amply-sized estate quartz rings is that there are so many of them. Millions of women have jewelry boxes filled with the rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry they've collected over the years, and much of this finds its way onto the market again. If you're looking in your area, check out estate sales, antique auctions, antique shops and antique malls for estate quartz rings. Also take a look at fine jewelry stores and the jewelry counters in upscale department stores, which sometimes carry exquisite estate quartz rings.

If shopping in pjs and bunny slippers is more your style, you'll find even more options available on the internet, where there are numerous websites that specialize in antique and estate jewelry. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ebay - Because its sellers reside all over the world, at eBay you can find quartz jewelry that you otherwise might not be able to locate, whether it's a pair of citrine earrings from Toronto or a carnelian ring out of Miami. Check the upcoming online auctions, but don't forget to look at the sellers' online stores as well.
  • Tias - This favorite destination for collectors and antique lovers brings together antiques dealers on one site, making it possible to see wares from all over the country all at once. Run a search for "quartz jewelry" or for the names of individual stones to see all that Tias has to offer in large quartz jewelry.
  • Ross Simons - This well known jewelry store sells a wide selection of estate jewelry online. In the "Semi Precious Stones" category on the site you'll find large estate quartz jewelry selections like a smoky quartz pendant or an onyx and gold ring.
  • Antique Jewelry Mall - This site offers a selection of antique and estate jewelry choices for both men and women. Here you'll find everything from onyx men's rings to sterling silver amethyst filigree rings.
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Buying Guide for Large Estate Quartz Rings