Kameleon Jewelry to Customize Any Look

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If you have ever wished that you could customize a favorite piece of jewelry for each outfit, you will like Kameleon jewelry. As the name implies, you can adjust your jewelry to complement your clothing, much the way a chameleon changes color to blend in with its environment. The Kameleon line is a hot new trend that is popular with celebrities and the general public alike.

About Kameleon Jewelry

Kameleon Jewelry claims to be the first interchangeable jewelry system with such diverse artistic designs. The company makes pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and pins that all feature interchangeable stones, known as JewelPops. The JewelPops are set in removable mounts called JewelCaps. A jewelry base can create more than 50 different looks by using the JewelPops. This versatility is in keeping with the company slogan: "Change is natural." Both women and men can wear Kameleon products. The pendants in particular are popular among celebrities of either gender, including Lady Gaga, Sarah Maclachlan, and David Boreanaz.

Kameleon Jewelry Designs

Kameleon jewelry is sterling silver and features JewelPops made out of gem stones, enamels, semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, or synthetic stones. The designs are modern, simple but bold, and follow current trends. All items in the collection feature intricate artistic details.

Examples of Kameleon designs include the following:

  • Green cubic zirconia rings
  • Round earrings pearls
  • Pink cubic zirconia pendants
  • White synthetic opal pins
  • Rings featuring decorative red stones and crystals
  • Black pearl and white crystal post earrings

How to Use Kameleon JewelPops and JewelCaps

Changing a JewelPop and JewelCap is fast and easy. The manufacturer claims that the JewelPops and JewelCaps are made to be easily removable. Follow these instructions for best results:

  • Hold on to the jewelry frame, and press gently on the back of the JewelPop until it loosens.
  • Remove the loosened JewelPop. This reveals the JewelCap, the removable mounting. If you plan to attach another JewelPop of the same size, there is no need to remove the JewelCap. Simply place the new JewelPop in place. However, if you plan to use a JewelPop that requires a new JewelCap, remove the JewelCap.
  • Place the new JewelCap into the empty slot on the jewelry. Press the JewelPop in place.

Where to Buy Kameleon Brand Jewelry

You can buy the popular Kameleon jewelry at local jewelers in many locations and online. The following online retailers sell Kameleon jewelry:

  • Kameleon Official Site: The Kameleon website features the full jewelry collection with many extras, such as jewelry care instructions, company background, and tips.
  • Amazon.com: Amazon offers a large variety of jewel pops, although selection varies.
  • JewelPop: The site offers a wide variety from the Kamelon jewelry line.
  • The Lamp Stand: Offers a full line of Kamelon jewelry from rings to earrings to pendants.

Caring for Kameleon Brand Jewelry

Karmeleon claims that their jewelry should last for years because of the quality craftsmanship. Proper care will help the jewelry stay in excellent condition. Here are the manufacturer's care tips:

  • Store jewelry separately in a satin jewelry pouch or jewelry box compartment. This prevents scratches from other jewelry.
  • Clean jewelry with a silver polishing cloth. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners. Use a little bit of mild soap and water if additional cleaning is needed.
  • Don't store jewelry in direct sunlight or near a heat vent. Sunlight and excessive heat can fade stones.
  • Remove your jewelry when doing chores that require harsh chemicals.
  • Take off jewelry when participating in athletic activities, so the jewelry does not become damaged or lost.

Kameleon jewelry is a hot trend, but one that may likely prove popular for years to come as people explore ways to customize their jewelry to match their wardrobes.

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