Jewelry for Mothers With Twins They’ll Cherish

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Jewelry for mothers with twins is a wonderful way to express the sentiment and joy of being twice blessed.

Buying Jewelry for Mothers With Twins

There are many ways to symbolize the fact that you have twins with your jewelry selection. The shape of a heart is an obvious choice for a jewelry motif for any mother. You can find several double heart pieces of jewelry, but a three heart drop pendant is an excellent way to symbolize a mother and her twins.

Three Heart Necklace

This design signifies the connecting love that only a mother can give to her children. The center heart represents the mother, and the heart on either side of that one will represent the twins.

Twins and Mother Pendant

Another great choice for a mother of twins is this modern sculptured pendant. The pendant depicts the mother standing and reaching down to her twin children. The pendant forms a large and small heart within the figures of the mother and two children that emphasizes the continuity and endlessness of a mother's love.

Another stylized sculpted pendant necklace depicts the mother on one side holding one hand of each twin. A large circle is formed between the mother and two children.

Twin Flower Pendant Necklace

This twin flower pendant is a great way to celebrate the birth of twins. It depicts two flowers sprouting from the same stem.

Birthstone Jewelry

A ring with two hearts and a birthstone for each child makes a great memento that you can enjoy all the time. A personalized sterling silver mother's pendant with a birthstone for each of your children with their names engraved on the back can also become a cherished favorite.

Baby Shoe Birthstone Pendant

These adorable pendants are covered in your choice of pink, blue, or white crystals to represent your twins however you choose. You can also have them engraved on the back if you wish.

Other Types of Jewelry

There are other types of jewelry that you can buy that will clearly convey that you're the mother of twins:

  • Birthstone Name Bars: Indicated twins by selecting two bars same length
  • Charm Bracelets: Head silhouette `charms with the date of birth and each name; make unique include time of births
  • Locket Pendants: Picture of each child inside
  • Mother's Rings: Circle of love ring with each child's name engraved and identical birthstones
  • Picture Hug Tag Necklaces: Round tags are engraved with child names with birthstone in the center. A second round tag is a picture hug tag. Your photo is reproduced digitally and cropped to fit within the circle frame. A sealant is then applied to waterproof the photo. You can wear these as a necklace, bracelet or even use them for keying charms
  • Picture Watch: Hidden compartment opens to reveal photo of your twins

A piece of jewelry is a lovely way to mark the birth of twins and makes a thoughtful gift.

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Jewelry for Mothers With Twins They’ll Cherish