Jewelry Storage Shadow Box: Ideas to Buy & DIY

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Jewelry storage shadow boxes are a unique and decorative way to organize and store your jewelry when you're not using it. They can also be a way to display heirloom jewelry that you don't wear.

What Is a Jewelry Storage Shadow Box?

A jewelry storage shadow box is similar to shadow boxes used to display family mementos or military service medals. They are usually made of wood or plastic and may or may not be painted. They vary greatly in shape and size. They can be as shallow as a picture frame or as deep as a crate. They can organize a number of pieces, or display one special piece. Shadow boxes are enclosed with glass or left open.

Types of Shadow Boxes

The type of shadow box you should use depends on the amount and type of jewelry you want to display.

Open Shadow Boxes

Open shadow boxes are best for displaying a few favorite pieces of jewelry that you wear often. An open shadow box gives you easy access to these pieces without the hassle of untangling them. Simply place your jewelry on the hooks and when you're ready to wear it, remove it and go. Unlike traditional jewelry boxes, shadow boxes also provide a great wall decoration. You can arrange the pieces to look like art.

Closed Shadow Boxes

Some closed shadow boxes have hinged doors to protect your jewelry from dust, but still allow easy access.

Closed shadow boxes are also great for displaying heirloom jewelry that you don't wear. The pieces are permanently affixed in the box and enclosed with glass. You can make a shadow box that showcases grandma's pearls or your dad's favorite cuff links. This is a great way to pay tribute to your loved ones and keep your jewelry box organized.

Where to Get One

There really isn't a shadow box made especially for jewelry storage, but there are a number of ways to create one.

Manufactured Shadow Box

Manufactured shadow boxes on the market can be customized for jewelry. You could purchase and install the hooks separately. A quality shadow box sells for between $20 and $50.

When you purchase a manufactured shadow box, be sure that it will work for your purpose. Most of them come enclosed with glass. If you want yours open, you need to be able to remove the glass easily. If you want to put your hooks into the box, purchase one with a thick enough back to insert the hooks without going all the way through. It's a good idea to purchase your shadow box first and take it with you to purchase the hooks so that you get the correct size. Places that sell shadow boxes include:

Make Your Own

If you're crafty, there are a number of ways to make your own jewelry storage shadow box. Constructing your own shadow box can be as simple as decorating an existing box and attaching the hardware or as complicated as building one from scratch.

If you want to decorate an existing box, you could try a wooden drawer organizer, a small crate, a wooden trinket box with a removable lid, or even a picture frame. You can add your own touches to them with paint and decorations.

To construct your own box, you'll need to decide on the dimensions and cut four pieces of wood. Nail or glue them together in a rectangle. Then cut and attach a piece of plywood or medium-density fiberboard to the frame. You can add molding to front for a more finished edge if you like. Then paint, decorate and add your hooks. See the craft sites below for some decorating ideas.


  • Shadow boxes should not be your only jewelry storage. Too many pieces can make your shadow box look cluttered.
  • This type of jewelry storage is not recommended for very valuable pieces. Having a shadow box with valuable pieces in plain sight can invite theft.
  • Dust your shadow box and clean jewelry often. Dust can weaken the settings in your jewelry.
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