Jewelry Organizer Types for all Your Jewelry Needs

Jewelry Organizers

A good jewelry organizer will not only keep your favorite jewelry easily on hand, but can also keep your pieces in good condition by protecting them from dust, debris, and other elements.

Types of Jewelry Organizers

There are dozens of types of jewelry organizers, from the standard jewelry box to the latest in jewelry towers. Your choice in an organizer will depend on the types and amount of jewelry you own, your storage space and where you keep your jewelry, and whether you are looking to organize fine or costume jewelry. For those who own both fine and costume jewelry, using separate organizers for these two kinds of jewelry can be to your advantage.

Types of jewelry organizers include:

  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Jewelry Trays
  • Jewelry Drawers
  • Jewelry Armoires
  • Jewelry Bags
  • Jewelry Pouches
  • Jewelry Towers
  • Jewelry Screens
  • Jewelry Cases
  • Jewelry Valets
  • Jewelry Rolls

Organizers by Jewelry Type

While many types of containers designed to hold jewelry are multi-functional, allowing you to store and organize many types of jewelry, others are made only for specific types of jewelry. If you have a substantial number of pieces of a specific type of jewelry, choosing an organizer for them can be worthwhile.


Tossing earrings in a jewelry box can leave you frustrated when it's time to find both earrings. Good alternatives include folding earring screens, tiered earring holders, revolving earring organizers, hanging or mountable earring holders, and hanging earring screens like the Earring Master.

Many of these earring organizers hold hundreds of pairs of earrings, keeping them neat and easy to view.


Necklace hangers or trees are one of the most popular ways to keep your necklaces organized. Hanging necklaces vertically helps keep them tangle free as well as easy to find. Freestanding or mountable mini peg racks are also available to keep your necklaces organized and easy to find.

For hidden jewelry storage, you can find wall-mountable mirrors that open to reveal hooks for necklaces, and possibly other jewelry storage options as well. Horizontal necklace holders keep necklaces tangle-free through shallow divides.


While bracelets may not tangle as easily as necklaces, they still deserve a spot in your jewelry organizer. They can be hung on jewelry trees like necklaces, or in horizontal jewelry drawers made with shorter, wider divides for bracelets. Many bracelet organizers are also designed with space for watches.

Bangle bracelets can be stored in large accessory drawers or drawer inserts, on hooks or pegs, or in pouches or rolls designed for the larger diameter they encompass.


Horizontal ring organizers are usually made with an interior of velvet or similar soft materials. They may have slotted spaces to insert the lower portion of the ring, or have individualized raised areas to place each ring on. Individual pockets and compartments in smaller sizes can also work well to organize rings.

Wire palm holders or acrylic or fabric covered hand organizers are also popular for rings.

Pins and Brooches

Like rings, pins and brooches can be stored in small, individual compartments or pockets in many types of jewelry organizers. You can also purchase specific organizers, such as miniature dress forms in which the pins or brooches can be displayed.

Body Jewelry

While many types of jewelry organizers are versatile and can easily accommodate your body jewelry, you may want to store pieces such as belly button rings, lip rings, and nose rings separately to keep them in optimal condition, sanitary, and from the residues of fashion or costume jewelry.

Travel Organizers

Traveling doesn't mean you have to leave your favorite jewelry behind. Whether you're on a trip for business or a romantic weekend cruise, there are a variety of jewelry organizers available that take up minimal space and still keep your jewelry neat and organized.

Travel jewelry holders often come in the following forms:

  • Zippered Jewelry Holders
  • Jewelry Wallets, Clutches, or Pocketbooks
  • Jewelry Pouches
  • Jewelry Rolls
  • Hard-sided jewelry cases

These types of organizers are designed compactly to keep jewelry from moving around and getting damaged.

Storage Tips

  • When you purchase fine jewelry, be sure to ask the jeweler the best way to store it to keep it from getting damaged.
  • If storing jewelry together, it's often wise to gently place each piece in a separate zip-loc bag to keep them from damage, dirt, and dust.
  • Always organize our jewelry in containers or materials approved for jewelry use so as not to damage or tarnish your pieces.


Prices vary depending on the type of organizer. A simple acrylic earring screen can cost you less than $10, while an oak jewelry mirror or other fine jewelry holders can cost hundreds of dollars.

You can find jewelry organizers at many jewelry retailers, department stores, gift stores, and organizational stores, including:

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Jewelry Organizer Types for all Your Jewelry Needs